Friday, July 23, 2010

Enough of the Betty White Craze

I am old enough to remember Betty White on "Mary Tyler Moore" (any cracks on my age will lead to me sticking my tongue out at you)  But I really fell in love with Betty when she played Rose Nylan on "The Golden Girls."  I still watch that show every day in re-run and laugh my ass off no matter how many times I have seen the episode.  I was really cheering for her when she got the opportunity to host "Saturday Night Live" and I watched her wretched new show "Hot in Cleveland" -- time I will never get back btw. I marveled with many that Betty White, at the age of 88 suddenly became the "IT" girl; however, I am just about done now. I can hear the screeches of noooo, blasphemy.  

Apparently, if you have not already overdosed on everything Betty White, now you can buy the Betty White hoodie. 

And you'll never guess -- it has built in headphones.  Oh wow everyone.  And look the shirt says long live the Queen. No disrespect to Betty, but there are only two queens that I am aware of, one is the fabulous Ms Dana Owens and the other is the one and only Aretha Franklin.  Much as I love me some Betty White, the label of queen is TAKEN.

As with anything, when you become saturated with it, the nerves begin to fray I know that it is very rare that  a woman as old as Betty is in the public eye, much less becomes a media darling, but can we please, please, please, talk about something other than Betty White for five minutes?  This fixation is starting to make Lindsay Lohan's legal issues look interesting.  I know I am going to get much hateraid for this, but I am officially on Betty overload and when it reaches the point of gimmicky products, North America we have gone to far.  Next thing you no, there will be some late night infomercial promising us that if we just buy their crap, we can magically channel Betty White.  Didn't your mama ever tell ya that too much of a good thing, is bad for you?