Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gates and Crowley Share Blame

I am sure that you all remember the media storm that occured when Professor Gates was arrested for attempting to break into his own home.  It lead to the great beer summit, where Obama elected himself to play arbiter on race relations.  A report has now been released concluding that both Crowley and Gates were to blame for this incident. 
Because neither Crowley nor Gates changed their attitudes, even after each realized that the other did not pose a threat, the encounter continued to deteriorate and reached an unfortunate ending, the committee wrote.

“Professor Gates could have tried to understand the situation from the point of view of a police officer … and could have spoken respectfully to Sergeant Crowley and accommodated his request to step outside at the beginning of the encounter,” the report said.

“The Committee believes that Sergeant Crowley missed opportunities to find a better outcome,” the report said, once Crowley saw proof of Gates’ identity. “Crowley could have taken greater pains to explain the uncertainty and potential dangers of responding to a serious crime-in-progress call.”
How original, blame a Black man for being a victim of racism and then not having the good sense to properly shuck and jive for authority.   I fail to see how Gates was in the wrong when he was standing in his own home, violating no laws.  In fact, he is lucky to be alive, because many a trigger happy cop has ended Black lives.  Of course the committee did not take that into consideration.   So brazen are cops that one is suing the Sean Bell estate for being injured during the police shoot out that led to the murder of Sean Bell.

It is racism to suggest that Gates should have considered the point of  view of the police officer, when they have been little more than armed thugs in our neighbourhoods.  Why should Gates have spoken respectfully to the cop when he was in his own home -- and why should he have left the residence to satisfy the cop after it was established he had a legal right to be where he was?  This amounts to telling Blacks that our role is to be subservient and that we should not stand up for our rights.

One of the things that really bothers me about this case, is the fact that class has been completely erased.  Had Skip Gates not been a prominent African-American man, the media would not have seized upon this.  How many Black men have spent time in jail to satisfy the arrogance of a White police officer because they refused to play Uncle Tom?  The daily racist actions of the police go unreported, because they are doing just what Whiteness wants them to do - oppress bodies of colour.  

I am certainly not surprised with the out come of this case, because Whiteness has a history of not holding White cops culpable when they abuse us.  To ask an already corrupt system to investigate a race fueled incident -- and then produce a supposedly unbiased finding is an impossibility.  In fact, the whole process is a farce. We're not racist because we said so, only works for Whiteness.

H/T Gus via GCHAT