It’s Friday and the Question Is……

I am a Canadian attempting to do work in a sphere that is dominated by American ideas.  Even when I explicitly say that I am not American, many will still approach me as if I am.  This has become very frustrating.  I have boldly proclaimed my love of the every good Canadian should.

I have reveled in our numerous hockey victories, though Monica Roberts some malt liquor drinking Americans had other ideas.   I have even posted pictures of Dudley Do-Right, along with copious references to Tim Hortons.   This denial of my presence as a Canadian working online really bothered me.  I wondered if it were perhaps because I have not declared a love of moose and lumberjacks.  Maybe it was because I insisted on typing about instead of aboot.  Finally, alone in bed last night I discovered the solution.  It’s…….

Bacon Denial

that’s right,
Bacon Denial

I think that Americans have trouble accepting my Canadian identity because they would have to face one essential truth:  in Canada we have real bacon and they are forced to eat an over-salted substitute.  More is the pity I know.  This week’s question is,  why are Americans so willing to deny Canadian bacon supremacy?  I know that Americans are used to leading in a lot of things, but sometimes they should just admit the truth.

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