Monday, July 5, 2010

Kate Perry Should Go Back to Kissing Girls in California

Kate Perry already owes the world for singing, “I kissed A Girl”  Yeah, if it’s a girl it’s not really cheating, because that isn’t really sex right.   I had sincerely hoped that when the song faded into oblivion that this would be the last I would hear of Kate Perry, but apparently, the woman is determined to share what looks like a drug fueled fantasy with the world.

So I just have to ask what the hell is this?:

And what pray tell is this?
Is she trying to make some playful point about breastfeeding that I am missing?

I get that these artsy types exist on a different plain, but when you have a video that features Snoop Dog getting down with gummy bears, I think the logical assumption is that the woman had some help getting there.

Tell me that doesn’t scream magic mushroom.  I couldn’t even pay attention to the song when I watched the video on youtube because all I could see were the colours man, like whoa even.  Maybe Perry went this route because despite being able to kiss a girl, she can’t dance or maybe she realized that her naked butt on a cloud wasn’t all that interesting. Don’t believe me; have a look.

The whole thing just makes me think of a twisted version of my little pony.  No, I am calling the woman a horse, well not really, more like a horses ass. I’m just saying that if you are going to take a leap into fantasy land, while subjecting the world to your icky ever so pink faux girl power music, the least that you can do is not ruin a great kiddie game that we all grew up loving.

That’s it dear readers, I have now saved you four precious minutes of your life. For another great take on this video, check out the California Gays Music Video.