Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shedding Some Light on the Back of the House

Hello everyone, every once and a while I feel compelled to share with you, some of the pleasantries I have to wade through to make the blog a safe space.  Let's just call it a form of stress relief shall we.  This week I have decided to include a  comment from one my posts on Women's Eye on Media, my new blog with Holly Ord.  This person had the honor of being the first individual to be banned. This blog is just over a week old and already the trolls are making themselves comfortable. As usual, at the end of the post I will provide you with a poll so that you may vote on the most heinous in this week's top troll contest.  Please share in the comment section your motivation for your selection.  As always, each comment comes with a huge trigger warning, as they are all harmful in some way. 

Cecilia: Oh and if you think disney is messing up your kids? (if for some reason you have any) im pretty sure that would be your fault and not the movies ;) dont like the heat ;) thats because your a stuck up cunt who can bash but cant take it. get a fucking life and get off welfare. Posted on Humorless Womanist Bashes Disney Princesses

White Boy: White privilege - being a white woman who gets punched in the face by black man while denying that somehow you have any.

White privilege does actually exist, it involves not being born and acting like a 3rd world ghetto banging cockroach who robs, rapes, and punches women in the face while blaming other races for the miserable failure that yours has become.  Posted on: Columbia Professor Punches Woman in the Face in an Argument About Race

cuntfucker666: black women would be more attractive if they laid off the mcdonalds and stopped being so bitchy and entitled Post on: Which Race Has the Most Beautiful Women?

Ayeshaa: Shut up you slut. India is nothing you write about. We don't ever do things like this. Muslims start most wars. Ever thought of writing anything GOOD about India?  Posted on: The Things We Always Remember Edition Of Selective Memories 

Tammy Green: This site must be loaded with red necks and poor white trash....What we should be discussing is those white man molestic those boys in The Vatican or the suicide of Micheal Jacksons accuser father (Evan Chandler-a white man) killing himself because he could not live with his conscience. These are real subjects bloggers should be discussing. And may i add Rihanna has a video about playing a game of Russia Roulette...what kind of example is this young woman setting for the world and young people. Now these are subjects that bloggers should be discussing. Not Chris Brown....we was not in that car to know the actually truth...So red necks and poor white trashes lets stick to the evil low down mess your race do and stay off the black race.Post on: Queen Latifah, Chrish Brown and Forgiveness