Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Men That I Would Fight Sparky Over

I am sure by now you have all witnessed Sparky's irritating habit of screaming MINE, whenever the subject of a hot guy comes up.  In an effort to break him of his determination not to share, I thought we would continue with the men that I would fight sparky over meme.  This week I have two actors for your consideration.

Just ignore the spider-man movies.

Has there ever been a more gorgeous Welshman than Matthew Rhys?  He makes it worth watching "Brothers and Sisters".

Of course, the moment he sees this post, his first words will either be DIBS or MINE. Can you imagine how Barney the dinosaur is weeping at such plain selfishness?  So, I encourage everyone that is the least bit intrigued, to join me in yelling Dibs and bringing an end to Sparky's tyranny. Oh, feel free to toss out anyone else that turns your crank before he gets to them.  Tell me to "dream about men that aren't yours" and this is what you get.  It's on like donkey kong.

To my lesbian readers, obviously I posted images of men because that is what gets me going.  But don't feel shy about throwing out the names of women you just want to get your sexy on with.  Have fun with it.