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Trigger warning for all sorts of evil

As usual, the trolls were very busy this week. Heaven forbid a week go by without them stopping by to share their ignorance, bigotry and general small mindedness with me.  Most of them are extremely jarring to read, but I think that they teach a lesson in how not to be civilized people.  Everyday I get some fool sending me angry e-mail about silencing their hateful vitriol and so I think this is the perfect solution.  Now they get to be heard, and we all have the opportunity to let them know exactly why what they said was unacceptable.  As per usual, I will give you this week’s comments and you can vote on who you think deserves the title of this week’s top troll.  When you are done and if your spoon has not become to heavy, please share why you made the selection you did.

Philip: I love it ! Mexicans think they can do anything they want. Their motto is “If I can get away with it, whatever “it” is, regardless of the laws, then it’s OK. If you don’t, can’t, won’t catch me, I’ll bring in all the drugs I want, drive as drunk as I want, and have as many babies as I want (at the American’s expense of course). Hold me accountable for NOTHING.  Posted on “Shoot the Illegal Immigrants

Anonymous: Fucking niggers. Always thinking that the Noose always stands for something against you. The noose also stands for many other things. Many non-racist bands use it for a symbol of death, or suicidal visions. You niggers make me sick. Always blaming White people for everything. Maybe if most of you would actually speak english instead of fucking ebonics, and pull your fucking pants up to your waist, stop trying to be “gangsta” and all of that other bullshit, we might actually have some respect for you. Also, when White people say WHITE PRIDE, it has nothing fucking against you fuckers. We are proud. We are strong. Oh, but when you niggers say black pride, as if you have any, its not racist right? Fuck niggers. They should be exterminated.
14/88! Heil Hitler! Long Live the Aryan Race!!!!! Posted on Jeremiah Munsen Gets 4 Months For Hanging A Noose.

Sean: Renee Martin is ignorant of the real teaching of Jesus, taking out of context “Judge not lest ye be judged.” In John 7:24 Jesus says, “Do not judge by appearances but judge with righteousness.” Beyond that, Jennifer Keeton has a constitutional right to her own beliefs. a right Ms Martin wd like to deny.

Ms Martin is just a cultural lemming, wanting readers to think that Jesus taught “anything goes, nothing’s wrong so long as it’s between consenting adults.” This is “tolerance” run amuck..Ms Martin spews a poisonous bias, not the timeless truth of Christ. But thenm she can’t be sure of Gospel truth either. Her professoer told her that.

To be against homosexual marrioage is NOT homophobia. Jesus Himself refused to accept “gay” marriage as anyone who has ever read the first half of Matthew 19 knows.
The practice of homosexuality is as sinful as the practice of adultery.

Ms Martin conceals very poorly her hate for the REAL Jesus of the Gospels, preferring the castrated Christ of her radical feminist madrassa. Posted on    “Christian Beliefs” of Homophobia and Gender Determinism

Fuck Fags: You want me to accept your faggityness. Fuck you.  I know your type.  I see fags in the gym all the time working out and getting sweaty hoping to get the attention of other men.  You people don’t care about love, you only care about sucking each other off and fucking  each other up the ass. Do you even clean you’re dick after you ass fuck? Silly faggot love is for men and women. The only good faggit is a dead faggot.  I don’t even shower at the gym anymore because I don’t want you disased filled faggot to think about me fucking you.  Why don’t you stick to your own kind and stop telling normal people that we have to accept you.  I would spend a lifetime jerking my junk before fucking you up the ass.  fuck faggots. Posted on Being gay is who I am. Not what I do. Not what I think

Real Mother: This is what is wrong with the world today. No one cares about protecting children  How can you expose your children to these freaks and pretend to be a good mother?  If your son grows up and becomes a tranny you have no one to blame but yourself.  A real mother protects her kids from freaks and faggots.  Women like you don’t deserve to be mothers.  Someone should take your child away from you before they turn into a freak and a pervert. Don’t you realize that trannys and faggots depend on weak minded liberals like you to recruit kids cause they can’t have any of their own?  God help your children.  I will pray for them tonight.  Post on: Vagina Power and What is a Trans Man

U.S.A. forever:  Shut up you fucking brown cunt.  America is for white people.  You people have done shit and then come here and try and ruin everything we built.  If your country is so much better why don’t you go home instead of coming here and telling us everything we do is wrong.  Okay. America is a white country for white people. Fucking niggers and spics ruin everything.  Man things were better when niggers knew their place and fucking pakis like you stayed home.  We don’t care what you think cunt. get it . White country for white people.  God bless the USA Maybe if I shoved my cock down you’re throat until you choked you would shut the fuck up Posted on What If I Don’t Want a National Anthem At All

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