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Trigger Warning

It has been a few weeks since I have aired the contents of the spam and delete box.  There has been no shortage of hideous commentary, I simply have no had the emotional strength to go through it and pick out the worst.  As usual, you will find absolute foul commentary masquerading as respectful contributions.  Please vote on whom you believe has earned the title lowest of the low Top Troll and if you can stand it, please share why you chose to vote for your selection in the comment section.

Sean: What’s wrong with the word retarded?reards do not know your making fun of them anyway dum dum.t
Posted on Finally We Hear From Kelly Dodson, Sister of Antoine Dodson

FastFacts: a slut by any other name is still a ho’…PERIOD
Posted on  Laurence Fishbourne’s Daughter Would be Porn Star? 

Dan: Calling discrimination is just absurd. No one is saying you shouldn’t be allowed in fancy restaurants, just don’t take your kids with you. You signed up for parenthood, and that entails certain sacrifices, like having to find a baby sitter when you want to go somewhere nice. Know why I don’t bring my dog to Wolf Gang Pucks? Because it runs around, makes noise, and poops. Your kid does the same thing, so it shouldn’t be there either.

Here’s a deal, if your kid has the right to be there causing a disturbance then I have the right to use language of my choice, and I’m going to make damn certain your kid goes home with “Thunder cunt” added to his vocabulary.
Posted on: Children in Public Places

Tired: Well my GF walked into a hair salon and happened to be only black stylist in there and they told her they do not do white girls hair and she just turned and found another place. Maybe we should sue oh right the american legal system is to afraid of the terrorist organizations”NAACP””ACLU” to take something like that on. Because blacks can’t be racist or apparently can’t be trained to work with white peoples hair. Give me a break with this money grubbing lady
Posted on: JC Penny’s Doesn’t Do “Black Hair”

Jennirempel: I don’t think there was anything wrong with what she said. I don’t think the Trannies would mind either. As Ke$ha’s music tells, she is having a good time and appear to be enjoying the ride of life… and that’s awesome! Every time one of her songs comes on I can laugh a little about it’s subject matter and enjoy the beat. To Ke$ha I say keep on rocking. 
Posted on: It Seems Ke$ha is Threatened by Trans Women


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