Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Shame: Vote me off the Island, Geek Crush Edition

The last few weeks have been very rough for me and so I have not been inspired to hold anyone up to the 18pt font of Sunday Shame but this week Holly Ord, my co blogger Women's Eye Media truly left me no choice.  You see, we were watching the Emmys (no, I don't know why we decided to torture ourselves like that) when Ms. Ord decided to make a certain comment about.

I must admit that I may have started her down the path of Sunday Shame when I announced that I would sleep with Jeff Probst but she certainly took it to another level when she declared

Haha! I would sleep with him if afterward he was all 'Holly, the tribe has spoken.'
Ummmm, that my friends is certainly Sunday Shame worthy.   She tried to obfuscate and step away but clearly there can no coming back from this.  What choice did I have but to shame her?  Who says shit like this?  Holly Ord that's who.

In the past we have admitted our childhood crush shames and I think this week we should share our geek crushes because Probst is most certainly a geek.  I think I would have been more original and made him crown me the sole survivor LOL.  So there it is fess up your geek crushes and what you would have them say or do.