Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Sparky

I have met a lot of people online since starting Womanist Musings, but Sparky without a doubt is one of my favourites.  He is a super awesome guy when he is not threatening to stab people, while whining about the supposed hardship he endures from his ever patient husband.  He loves urban fantasy and so I thought this would be the perfect cake.  I hope  you had an awesome birthday, though I am sure that it could only have been made better by having a garage party LOL.  I do have a little gift for you to celebrate your big day.

I hereby relinquish my claim on these men for 24 hours, but after that all bets are off  -- and I will ship begging Benny right to your door, if you take advantage of my kindness.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.