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Louie: Goes to the Dentist and Gets Rapetastic

Trigger Warning for Rape and Child Molestation

You ever watch a show and find yourself saying wtf son?  Okay, well maybe not in those exact words, but yeah, that would be "Louie".  "Louie" is the title of Louie C.K.'s new show about his life.  So let me just set the basics.  Louie is a balding divorced man in his forties.  He has two young daughters and his life is a constant pursuit to get laid.  I sort of think of it as the "Leisure Suit Larry" for 2010. Yeah, I know that analogy made me look old, but just shut the hell up about it. This is Louie.

 Well I was raised to be kind to all people, so I will just say there is someone's child.  At any rate, Louie is extremely bizare.  Each episode he starts off with a brief monologue.  Yep, a direct Seinfeld rip off and at times equally awkward.  This week's joke was the following:

Okay here's the the thing, I have two children and the thing that scares me the most is that they disappear.  There is nothing that scares me more than them disappearing; that's every parents worse fear.  Now why do kids disappear sometimes?  I think it is because somebody took them and had sex with them.  And once you have sex with a kid you have to toss them because, people hate folks who have sex with kids -- more than pretty much anybody.  If you murder somebody folks will find you a reason - ah you were upset, you didn't have, you were dehydrated whatever. So if you have sex with a kid you gotta chuck 'em out cause if the kid tell anybody you're screwed.  I can't help thinking that if we could take down a few notches the hatred for kids having sex people, at least you'd get the kid back.  So what I'm trying to say is that the guy could just call you, "Hey I just fucked your kid you want me to take them to soccer or drop them at your house? Does he have any nut allergies cause he just ate some cashew butter?" I know listen, listen, listen to me, listen to me, I know that's hard to hear, I know that's hard to hear but it's true.  It's true, that if we minded child molesting less, less kids would die, that's true.  Now I don't know what to do that information.  I don't have a way to apply that to anything that's helpful.
Did you follow his logic or find anything funny? The thing with comedians, is that they often equate shocking people, and being insensitive to funny.  What the hell is amusing about a child being molested?  Of course, we are supposed to be disarmed by the fact that he is a father, but somehow this makes his whole proposition that much more creepy. I should have hit the stop button right there and then, but how was I know it would turn into the most rapetastic, and stalkerific half hour of television I have seen in a long time?
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No Raise If Your Vagina Smells

I have a tendency to ignore advertising because it is often pushing a product I have no interest in purchasing; however, there are occasions when the ad is so creeptastic I am forced to stop and take notice.

This little gem recognizes that women's labour is undervalued; however, it posits that the issue is our smelly vaginas.  That's right, if your vagina smells like a field of lilies you will be worthy of the raise you desire.  Of course, since every woman walking around is paranoid about the smell emanating from her crotch, and so this amazing product will give you the strength to be assertive. 

“No se necesita receta, or, Prescription unnecessary”

 Eugenia de Altura is a female graduate student conducting research on issues of women and gender in the cities of La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia. Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America with the exception of Haiti, and over 60% of the country’s population is of indigenous descent. Eugenia’s postings explore women’s rights, sexuality, and reproductive health in Bolivia and in Latin America as a whole.
On a recent visit to a U.S. drugstore, I was amazed and delighted to find that customers can now find a few different types of vibrating sex toys next to the personal lubricants and condoms.  Without going through what some might describe as the embarrassment of speaking to a pharmacist or visiting a sex-toy shop, or the risk of ordering an item online and having your brother or kid open your mail, you can now buy sex toys off the shelf.  Of course, there is not a huge variety of toys to choose from at your local Rite Aid or Walgreens, but in a relatively small city, I was amazed to make this discovery.
In much of Latin America, over-the-counter access to drugs and other items functions in a very different way than it does in the U.S. or in other parts of the developed world.  In Bolivia, pharmacies are white, brightly lit stores with counters lining every wall.  Apart from cheap items like chapstick and gum, all other merchandise is kept behind the counters, and customers must speak with a pharmacist—within earshot of anyone else standing in the store—to get what they want.  (There are no requirements that those waiting in line stand a meter or two back from the counter when another customer is being served.)

To add to the anxiety of the experience, pharmacists dress in white lab coats and hats, making them even less approachable.  Fortunately for me, many of them are women, so at least I can avoid the awkwardness of requesting condoms or a pregnancy test from a guy.  In other words, although many items are available without a prescription, they are very literally “over the counter”—you can’t simply pluck them off the shelf.

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Voicing The Voiceless Is Only The Concern Of The Artist In The Ivory Tower

Jaded16 is a Radical Feminist from India. She writes a humour blog Oi With The Poodles Already’, attempting to make her world a little woman-friendly using healthy doses of irony and sarcasm to de-condition the Indian masses. It is at times like these when she loses all her sense of humour and starts looking for a rock big enough to live under.

As a child of 11, I got my first Austen novel from my grandmum. I remember getting lost in the beautiful words, spending hours just reading, laughing and crying with Anne Elliot -- the routine dance of any Austen fan. I'd lose hours while reading her and the Brontes and whenever anyone would wake me up from the trance their words wove around me, I'd take a few minutes to re-enter my "real world". This world would seem blurred, the one I left in the book was much more interesting. Often mum would get annoyed with my obliviousness to reality, often worry that one day I'll get locked in my head and just never come out.
Generally, I'd laugh it off. Today, I see the truth -- however dangerous it is -- in her words.

If anyone passes even the slightest glazed eye, wise or otherwise, it's rather easy to notice that speaking for the marginalised has become a sort of a fetish, a desirable thing even in academia. Now don't be so quick to put me in your HateBook, let me explain. The past two or three decades have seen a sudden boom in international academicians who have a keen interest in "uplifting" oppressed communities by giving them a voice and a platform. The idea of diaspora is extremely interesting (in additional to being lucrative), so is helping Dalit and Tribal or Women's writing to get published. But just like the fact that changing a street's name from it's old Victorian name to the name of any Indian hero isn't going to ever erase anything around two hundred years of apathy, this entry into academia doesn't get any closer to "activism" or even "help" than  Shobha Dé to feminism. Call it the coloniser's existential  guilt -- just about two centuries too late -- or zie's UnSubtle effort at being politically correct (with the hopes of effacing history), this obsession with the "native" cultures is alive and thriving.

Not All Women Won The Right to Vote Today

It never fails to surprise me how dedicated some White women are to the creation and support of a monolithic woman.   The bullshit concept of sisterhood, allows them to position themselves as the norm and center women's activism around their needs and accomplishments. The fact that this means that WOC are routinely erased, is something we are supposed to ignore, because White women standing on our shoulders to break through glass ceiling is apparently natural.  Of course, they don't mean to be White supremacist douche bags, their narcissism just makes it difficult for them to recognize their douchebaggery. Sisterhood has never meant the uplift of all women; it has always meant making the White woman the equal of the White man. Oh, close your mouth, there is nothing controversial about what I am saying unless you are a closet bigot.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives  "marks today's 90th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote":
There is nothing more wholesome than the participation of women in the political process. When women gain in numbers in elected representation, when more women engage in the political process, women gain in influence--and that means greater advancement for America's women and families.

As we mark the 90th anniversary of a woman's right to vote–and Equality Day–we should be celebrating this right to vote. While you may not be casting votes in Congress, you can cast a vote in national, state and local elections. And the more women that participate, the more progress for many people in our country.
Can we all just admit that admit that today as the 90th anniversary of women's right to vote is an absolute crock of shit.  If all women were allowed to vote, would the 1965 Voting Rights Act have been necessary?  White women weren't being forced to take literary tests or pay ridiculous poll taxes. These White women seem to think that ignoring the Jim Crow south is not at all problematic. I suppose there was no need for Lyndon Johnson to sign the bill -- after all White women were making themselves heard, you know the women that really matter - why consider the millions of disenfranchised WOC?  1920 was a magical year for White women.

This Week in Blackness: Racism is Over – an Explanation

So, I have totally become hooked on Elon and so once again I am sharing with you, “This Week in Blackness.”



Hi my name is Elon James White and you are watching “This Week in Blackness”.  What is going on folks?  We are back, episode nine season three of “This Week in Blackness.” Yes, and you know what, after last week’s episode, I’m not even going to play around with these us preambles that we do around here.  We’re jumping directly into part two.  Yes, racism is over.  That was the point of she who will not be mentioned on this show anymore because she is really not the point. “She” and a lot of people in America have a similar thought process on the concept of racism being over.  Blacks are just constantly complaining, you know they’re so sensitive these Negros.  Instead of getting out there and handling their business, they’re bitching about how things aren’t fair annd OBVI things are totally fair, just look. ( picture of Obama pops up on the screen) You know when I hear things like that, I think immediately bullshit. Um really, we’re going to try to over simplify one of this nation’s hugest travesties.  Oh just get over it; that’ what we’re going to do.  It’s just not as simple as getting over it okay.  Race place a part in our everyday lives okay, whether it be economically, education wise, uh health wise; it plays a role.  White privilege, institutionalized racism all just disappear, just like the oil in the Gulf.  Actually it’s exactly like the oil in the gulf you know, even though we can’t see those huge plumes of racism, I mean oil, right beneath the surface, we all know that it’s still clearly there. Let’s look at the line of logic behind the idea of racism being over okay. Basically, racism is over because Obama and Obama is president because White people voted for him and White people voted for Obama because White people like Black people -- and if White people like Black people, then racism is over. Ummm, you guys do know that even when people were voting for Obama, they were like, “Yeah,I’ll vote for that nigger” right. Like you guys know that, that’s what some people who actually voted for him were saying.  Even while we were electing the negro president there were tons of polls asking, was America ready for a Black president. Racism was so over we had to constantly ask the American public were they prepared for a Black guy making decisions you know.  Anytime you have to ask people can they tolerate, race, gender, sexuality, there’s a fucking problem. Yeah, that whole Obama president – racism over theory doesn't seem to hold up, especially when you you think about the fact that the GOP’s  number one commodity since he became president was in fact race baiting.   I hate to interrupt myself with that thing, what is it called (snaps fingers) um oh right facts. What about unconscious racism? You know that concept that has been proven numerous times in scientific study after scientific study.  I am talking about studies as recently as this year that Americans unconsciously choose Whiteness over Blackness cause they think it’s better.  And not only do they think it’s better, they unconsciously link Blackness with crimes and welfare.  That’s right son, racism is so over,we don’t even know that we’re doing it son; that is some over tight shit son.  Whatever Blacks, seriously just get over it, just get the fuck over it.  Oh how I love to be told to get over it you know.  It’s like the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning, if that bread was being baked by an unpaid Negro and then later on they were going to have to go pick cotton.  I swear everytime I get into this discussion, I start to think of rape. No I’m not talking about the rape that my people experienced for hundreds of years – numerous times. I’m speaking rape singular.  For a moment imagine the horror of rape okay.  Imagine the mental anguish and the suffering and just pain of experiencing this horrendous thing, then imagine being told to just get over it.  For Christ sake I know you were raped.  Fine I get it, we get it sheesh. I mean come on, that was like forever ago your know.  I’m not even the one that raped you, why you keep acting like it’s such a big deal?  Just like, I mean come on, it was like seriously long ago – come on.  And I know that they didn’t catch the rapist and every time you turn on The History Channel there’s like pictures of your rape and the story of your rape and all that stuff, but like just seriously,  like get the fuck over it. Yes, and like some of you people right now are thinking, “Elon did you just compare what happened to Black people to the horror of rape”

Chris Rock Was Right - Be Afraid of Al Cracker

This is a guest post from the ever fabulous Monica of TransGriot

Chris Rock caught some flack a few years ago for his joke in which he stated he was more afraid of Al Cracker than Al Qaida.

But like many jokes uttered by comedians, some have an element of truth to them.

Black people for starters have a long list of reasons to fear Al Cracker. The two centuries of terroristic behavior, lynchings, and race riots aimed at us before and after emancipation are the starting point of that distrust, loathing and fear.

The sadly long list of terrorist acts committed on American soil have overwhelmingly been planned and executed by white people such as 1995 Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

That list also includes notorious civil rights era bomber 'Dynamite Bob' Chambliss, whose grisly resume includes the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church one that killed four young girls and earned a certain city in Alabama the nickname 'Bombingham'

Eric Robert Rudolph executed the July 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park bombing that killed Alice Hawthorne and several others at a lesbian nightclub and two abortion clinics before he was captured May 31, 2003.

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Finally We Hear From Kelly Dodson, Sister of Antoine Dodson

A few weeks ago, the Dodson’s unwittingly became internet sensations after a man broke into their home intent on raping Kelly.  The attempted assault of Kelly became secondary, as the public fixated on Antoine Dodson.  Antoine quickly had a t-shirt line, facebook page and blog up. A mix of his irate commentary to a reporter was created and sold on I-Tunes  He earned enough money to move his family out of the projects. Antoine did indeed come to rescue of his sister that night, but he should not have been the center of this story, no matter how heroic his actions were.  Finally, Kelly was given a front center place when the two filmed a video and placed it on youtube.  In the interest of giving voice to those that have been marginalized, I decided to post the video.  If we are going to talk about what happened, we need to remember that the person that was attacked was Kelly Dodson.


Antoine: It’s your boy Antoine

Kelly: And I’m Kelly hi

They both giggle.

Antoine: So Kelly the people been asking me how is Kelly doing. Like what’s she got going? We wanna see her, we wanna talk to her, we wanna see how she looks. People think you are so fine. (Antoine reaches out to touch her shoulder) So what you wanna say?

Kelly: There’s really not much to say but I want to thank you guys for supporting me and my family and my brother mostly because y’ll didn’t have to do what y’all did for me and my family. And so I am very happy for that but I’m still kind of shook up (unintelligible). You know I have a two year old that I have to, I have to take around people and she be so shook up and a certain knock on at the door and I’m like dang (unintelligible) This is what happened to me that night.  Tell everybody, you know if the perp is out there you are going to get caught. I’m not looking for you, when the time come you’re going to get caught because Huntsville is really so small. So you really can’t hid in Huntsville Alabama. If you watching this, I hope that you realize all the hurtful things you did.

Antoine: All the pain that you has caused our family, you just not know what you did dumbass. Oh girl, it is like living that life all over again. Every time that I come to this area, I always relive that night and it is so scary and it is so painful. Girl I know what we

Kelly: (unintelligible) There’s really not much that I can say right now because I don’t know how to explain it to you because you really did a lot of damage to me whether you know it or not and if it wasn’t for Antoine, you probably would have got what you came in there for but you didn’t.  I just want to know how you feel about the situation

Antoine: I want to know what made you come in that night.  Was you watchin us?  Like we was just up like around two something.  What made you do that?  That’s retarded, you’re retarded and you going get caught when you get through dummy.

Big Brother: Being A Victim of Homophobia Does not Give License to be Transphobic

Last week, in a post I wrote about "Big Brother," I commented about the fact that Ragan was told that he doing gay wrong, by Rachel -- an evicted house guest. The video was on several blogs, and many went on to comment about how disgusting it was for a straight woman to throw a tirade, because a gay man did not feel like playing the role of her gay bff. In that moment, I felt absolute sympathy for Ragan.  No one should ever be publicly demeaned like that.  Unfortunately, my sympathy did not last long, when Ragan proved on Sunday that being a target, does not make one immune from visiting that same trauma on someone else.

Last week Matt, Ragan's best friend in the house faced eviction.  Naturally, due to the constant tension of being on a reality television show, this was stressful for Ragan.  There were many ways in which he could have articulated what he was going through emotionally, but instead he immediately reached for transphobia and ableism by declaring, he was like a "bi-polar hot tranny mess." 

Montana Fishbourne is Not her Father's Possession

When news first broke that Montana had decided to do porn, to launch her self to stardom, I didn't believe for many reasons that this was a very wise plan. Black women are very fetishized in porn and it is extremely hard to get a cross over career. Originally when I wrote about this, I mentioned the various awards her father has won and suggested that it was ridiculous that he would have been unable to help her with her career.  I didn't for one moment consider the nature of their relationship.  Just because they are father and daughter, does not mean that they are close.  It was an absolute assumption on my part, that this is something he would have been willing to do. Just as Hollywood is littered with celebrity kids who have turned into stars in their own right, it is also filled with celebrities who have been rotten parents to their kids.  I am not suggesting that Laurence Fishbourne was a terrible parent, I am simply clarifying the fact that none of us know the real dynamics of their relationship.

What I have seen is the assertion that Montana has done something terrible to her father by choosing to star in porn.  Montana didn't take anyone's body to do her business. The only way we can believe that she has done something to her father, is if we accept the notion that daughters are their fathers property until they marry.  This is a very archaic idea and it is based in sexism.  The fact that the conversation would have been framed very differently had Montana been male, speaks loudly about the role of women's bodies in this society. Laurence may not like, or even approve of what his daughter has chosen to do, but she did not do anything to him.

The racism that we face as a community, has in no way stopped the sexism and slut shaming that we face as Black women.  There has been very little support of Montana in both the feminist and Black community.  I have read piece after piece talking about what an upstanding man Laurence is, with little acknowledgment of the agency that it took for Montana to choose this career path. Porn is not something that I could ever do, but supporting women, means acknowledging that some will choose to make decisions that don't necessarily agree with my moral code. It means refraining from slut shaming, with the understanding that such an approach hurts all women.

Men Can Stop Rape

I saw the above image in my Google Reader.  I absolutely love the way it address rape and decided that I had to share it with you.   If this is an actual advertising campaign, I think that it is awesome.   I have done some research and thus far I have been unable to ascertain the origins of the image.  If you know more please share in comments.

H/T Idle Thoughts

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Sick Day

I am taking a sick day today.  I tried to write several times today and I am just so distracted that I could not put together a coherent sentence.  Between the anxiety and the fibromyalgia, I am absolutely run down. Hopefully, things will be be back to normal tomorrow.


Spark of Wisdom: Apparently True Blood is too gay for some people

This is a guest post from Sparky, of Spark in Darkness.  Many of you are  familiar with him from Livejournal, as well as from his insightful and often hilarious commentary here. Each Tuesday, Womanist Musings will be featuring a post from Sparky.

Apparently True Blood is too gay for some people.

First we had Todd Herremans on Twitter who is apparently famous for some kind of sporting thing (I don't watch sport that doesn't involve speedos, sadly, and rarely catch anyone's name. Yes, I'm shallow, sue me) being irritated by True Blood's "Barrage of homosexuality" (barrage? I didn't even get an openly salvo yet).

And the question has caught on! People are expressing irritation at the gayness, some are getting fed up of this "gay porn fest"

And this... vexes me a tad, yes yes it does.

Because I like True Blood. Yes I do, I like it a lot. And yes it has gay characters - and I like that a lot too. I like to see some gay characters now and then - and True Blood has a whole posse of gay and/or bisexual characters that make me smile. They're not tokens, they're not one off

We have Lafayette and Jesus, we have Russell and Talbot. We have Sophie-Ann and Hadley. We have the guy Jason and Amy kidnapped (whose name I forget), we have Pam (who is awesome and we need to see more of), we have a whole group here.

And I love that. It's rare, it's novel to have such a  large group of gay characters, especially in a program that isn't aimed expressly at a gay audience.

Not that I find it unproblematic, not even close - I can (and have) ranted a great deal about the problems of the portrayals in True Blood, but that would be worth a post all for itself.
But as for gay porn fest?

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True Blood: I Smell A Rat

Last night viewers who have not read the books, finally learned that Sookie is a faerie. In typical Sookie fashion she exclaimed, "how fucking lame," when she learned. Bill patiently explained to her that faerie blood is irresistible to vampires, which caused Sookie to wonder if this is the reason that he became involved with her in the first place. He says, "Sookie it is not your blood I love. You're mine, your heart your soul, and I will forswear ever feeding on you again if that's what it takes to convince you of that".  I suppose Bill thought that his declaration of ownership was romantic, but in fact, it is just another example of his creepy possessive behaviour.  Somehow, he still irrationally believes that there is difference between him and the other super natural creatures that have been attracted to Sookie.

In yet another example of male ownership, Calvin Norris threw a fit when he learned that Lafayette and Jesus saved his life by feeding him vampire blood.  He slaps Crystal and says, "You let these [email protected] put vamper juice into me," before running into the woods. When Crystal tries to explain that she just wanted a taste of the outside, Calvin berated her and insisted that she has a responsibility to mate with Felton.  When she said that she does not love him, he responded with, "You ain't got to love him, you just got to lay under him and have his kids -- keep his blood line going, especially now that you done ruined mine."  Isn't that lovely?  A father telling his daughter that she is little more than a brood mare.  Thankfully, Crystal rejected this and ran away, leaving Calvin to yell that he was disowning her.

Last night we learned that Sam has a history of violence.  Apparently, before moving to Bon Temps, he was a jewelery thief with his partner Charlene.  She double crossed him with her boyfriend Jon.  Jon told Sam that he should have known that Charlene was too good for him.  Sam decided to get his revenge and snuck up on them in the form of a collie.  When he materialized naked in front of them holding the gun that Jon had just put down, they were shocked.  He holds a gun to Jon's head and demands that Charlene get the rest of the money.  When he begins viciously beating Jon, Charlene pulled a gun out of the car she was searching and threatened to shoot Sam who responded by shooting her in the chest.  He begged her not to leave him, but when it was clear that she was dead, he calmly walked over and  shot Jon in the head.  Honestly, I don't know what to make of this.   I have long felt that Sam was a bit too good to be true, but these latest revelations make him a complete stranger to me.

Jason's guilty conscience finally caught up with him this episode.  After killing vampire Cromwell Franklin, he and Tara hide the remains and return to his home.  He holds her as she cries and she shared with him some of her fears.  She told him that he has been saving her since they were children and kissed him.  When he pulled away she apologized, clearly believing that it was she who had crossed the line.  When he followed Sook-eh's advice and admits to killing Eggs, she stormed out of the house. He followed her into the living room and discovered that Sookie had left a message saying that she would be back soon.

Fat Black Woman Forced to Pay for Potentially Breaking Chair

As a fat woman, I have become accustomed to paying more for cheaply made clothing.  It is quite common to see the same item listed in various sizes with an inflated price for clothing that is plus sized.  When we consider that these manufacturers buy material in bulk and do not have to hire extra seamstresses to sew the clothing, the inflated price is nothing but a fine for daring to be a fat person in need of clothing.  Because the only option we have is to pay or go naked, manufactures, wholesalers and stores daily get away with this economic exploitation.

There have been countless incidents of fat people being forced to pay more for seating on an airplane.  Kevin Smith's experience on SouthWest quickly went viral, when he leveraged the power of twitter to register his complaint.  We know about this incident simply because he is a famous director, but this happens everyday to people who do not have the power to call attention to their discrimination.

A club in Montreal recently decided to put up a notice on Facebook, announcing that fat people are not welcome at their club.They had no problem  publicly displaying their fat hating policy, because hating fat people is something that is extremely socially acceptable. There are several fat activists who claim this kind of behavior is proof that fat phobia is the last acceptable bias; however, what it really stands as proof  of, is the fact that we have divided our treatment of isms into covert and overt.  Much of fat phobia/ fat hatred today is very overt.

According to HuffPo:
Natural Nails in Dekalb County, Georgia added a rather interesting and apparently discriminatory surcharge onto one client's bill: $5 for being overweight. WSB TV reports that salon manager Kim Tran told customer Michelle Fonville that the extra money was to pay for the $2,500 pedicure chair should it break, since it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. Ultimately, Tran waived the $5 fee...and also told Fonville not to come back.

Sykes and Wife Paint The Red Carpet at The Emmys

Wanda Sykes and her wife of two years look absolutely slamming at last night's Emmys.

Now It's Semen In A Water Bottle

Awhile back, I wrote a post regarding a man that was spraying his semen on unsuspecting women.  At the time, I thought that this was the height of disgusting, but it seems that people can always sink lower. According to the L.A. Times, 31 year old Michael Kevin Lallana of Fullerton, California, allegedly placed his semen into the water bottle of his female co-worker twice.  Apparently, she became ill the first time she tasted the tainted water and on the second occasion, decided to send the water bottle out for testing. It was revealed that the water contained semen.  Lallana has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of "releasing an offensive material in a public place."  If convicted he faces three years in prison and mandatory sex offender registration. Lallana probably felt that he could get away with this one because most people who taste something that does not agree with them, will simply discard it and move onto other things. 

This is not some college prank, it is an absolute violation of the victim. The is the second case that I have recently come across of men using their body fluids inappropriately.  I am starting to wonder if this is becoming a trend like upskirting?  When this story was reported on Gawker, the commenters seemed to find it gross but somehow amusing. Minimizing assaults against women is just one method in which we socially suggest that women's bodies are meant for violation.