Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Women and Beauty

The following is a video in which British Black women discuss what it is to be beautiful.  This is an important issue to discuss because simply being Black and female is enough to have our gender, femininity and attractiveness questioned.

What makes the Black Woman Beautiful? from Beautiful Woman on Vimeo.

The following are a few quote from the documentary that I thought were particularly on point.

"I mean you don't see a lot of dark skinned beautiful Black women, which is part of the reason why for a time that you couldn't be dark skinned and beautiful.  I thought if you were beautiful and Black, you had to be light, because you cannot be dark and beautiful. So in my opinion I think we need a much more diverse opinion of what it is to be a beautiful Black woman."

"We ought to actively as Black women, make sure that we do out bit to make sure that we don't pass these standards on to our children."

"I think that there is a general confusion as to what Black beauty is.  Trying to make Black beauty so mainstream is a little bit of a shame".

The two most important questions in the documentary were:

1) What makes a Black woman beautiful?
2) What constitutes responsible representation of Black women?

How would you answer these question?

Not only are these questions we should be asking, but actively discussing.