Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buy a Black Friend for a Day

Yes, that is a real ad. The description reads:
Do you want to feel hip? Did you say something that may have seemed racist in front of someone and want to prove that you really aren't? Need a work out partner? Movie buddy? Got an extra ticket to a game? Well I'm your guy. For one day, I'll be your black friend and we'll party or do whatever you like to do for fun that doesn't creep me out. I'm 22 years old and love longboarding and basketball. Also I'm a huge Knicks fan. Just pick a day and we'll work it into our schedule. You just have to pay for my round trip flight if you don't live in NY. I'll need the payment in my account at least 2 days before I travel. Send me a message before you bid if you have any questions.

Warning: I cannot dance, sing, or jump really high.

Questions and answers about this item

 Q: Would you mind rubbing yourself down with garlic butter for a few days before the appointed day?
A: Let's see. You either want to eat me or do something that is most likely creepy. So that's a no.
Yep, that's a Black man for sale.  Given the history of enslaving Black people and treating us as property, I completely understand if some find this advertisement offensive. I actually chuckled when I saw it, because to me it serves as a great commentary on White supremacy.  It reminded me very much of rentanegro.com.  How many times have White people attempted to justify their racism by claiming to have a relationship with some imaginary Black friend in primary school?  There is also of course the useful co-worker, who suddenly becomes a best friend for life when one is accused of racist commentary, even though they have never so much as shared a stick of gum outside of work. Whether we like it or not Whiteness still treats people of colour like property even though they can no longer buy and sell us legally.  

What are your thoughts on the e-bay auction?