Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guess Who Might Replace Keith Olberman?

As you know Olberman is no long on MSNBC.  I have like everyone else was shocked when I first heard the news.  It seems to me that Olberman headlined the liberal leaning direction that MSNBC has chosen to go with.  Whether or not Olberman is actually progressive is something that is up for debate.  Liss, over at Shakesville had this to say on the matter:
If he'd actually been the progressive he was always alleged to be, this would be sad. But he is a fauxgressive whose ideas of justice had boundaries extend only as far as whomever he wants to make fun of, be cruel to, or marginalize as unserious or uncredible. He engaged in misogyny and rape apology on-air, and, for all his rap about accountability and self-reflection, he was rigid in his refusal to address his biases against women.

So the only thing I'm sad about is that his replacement is likely to be even worse.
Well it seems that Liss has once again proven to be prophetic.  I was scanning through Jezebel when they reported that Olbermans replacement might be

  • MSNBC executives are searching for a star to replace Keith Olbermann, who quit abruptly last week, and a network source says Alec Baldwin is at the top of their list.
  • The insider reports: "He's already part of the NBC family, has a huge fan base and is very respected for his long term passions for politics." Alec recently said he's "very, very interested" in entering politics, and hosting a political show may be the perfect way to make the transition
Alec freaking woman hating, MRA Baldwin replacing Keith Olberman?  Every time I see the man I gag.  If this is truly who they are considering, I suppose it means that MSNBC has decided that the veneer of progressiveness is not profitable enough.