Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Week's Top Troll

I have not done one of these in quite sometime but this is not because the hateful trolls have gone away. Due to hate speech laws in Canada, I was quite concerned that there would be a penalty for publishing these words.  After some consultation, I have been assured that I should be okay. I have decided that publishing a small example of the comments that I have not allowed to be posted on the blog, would serve as a teaching moment for many.  Often those of us that deal with marginalized identities are told that we are being too sensitive or that things aren't really all that bad anymore. The truth is, there is still much that needs to change.  The best way to deal with this kind of hate, is to expose it to the light of day and reveal it for the ugliness that it is.  

As per usual, below you will find a list of comments that were not published.  Please be aware that a substantial trigger warning is in place, because many of the comments are homophobic, racist, transphobic, disableist and sexist.  Please choose the comment you find to be the most abhorrent and if you have the energy, please share why you chose it.

If ya knew squat about history instead of being so extreme in your over the top against women and men, iditiotic feminist views, you would see Planned Parenthood the great promoter of abortion was started by Margret sanger who was very much against blacks.

It says a lot about our society when we must kill the unborn, and target the poor. It is people like you that keep black people down becuase you do nothing but bellyache and complain. Grow up and start taking some responsability for yourself. You are not a womanist, your a spoilt professional victim.
posted on Black Women Once Again Targeted By Pro Lifers


you dumb shit, it's not a program for children besides, why so politically correct? the show has made it's name on controversy, why not not watch? actually, boondocks is a portrayal of people who act real
you think people in real life don't say homophobic things? oh, oh, oh, oh i'm sorry not everyone lives in the libertarian peacecraft world you reside in the truth: slight homophobia is often times HILARIOUS
posted on: The Boondocks: Someone Teach Riley That Hate Speech Is Not Social Commentary

Jason Scharlach

Seriously, you are one angry lady. Do you know why the people above get so angry when they are told that they have privelege? Its because for the most part; most people lead difficult lives. The problem with women like you are incapable of seeing the other side because you have convinced yourself that there is no other truth but your own. I am all for people having the freedom to proclaim their own sense of justice and truth but most often, whenever someone like you starts ranting and raving about the opposite gender, there is very real mental illness and self worth issues. Men are quite tired of being told that they need to feel guilty about everything. Quite frankly, we're tired of cunts like you. God help your boys. 
Posted on: Dear White Privilege Deniers


As a straight white male, I cannot be held responsible for some faggot pissing you niggers off! Posted on: Gay, White and Male Still Equals Privilege


...you are so unbelievably full of shit. rapunzel comes from a german fairy tale. her hair is blond. should we just change history so you can get over your own personal inferiority complex? no little girl is reading so much into this... black or white. you just hate yourself and seek to project it on everything else around you. you try to blame it on "society". patterns can be found anywhere we look.

here's an idea. whenever i hear the story of martin luther king jr, i just get so upset that such a hero is always portrayed as a black man. lets make a movie and have him cast as a blond haired man! then my feelings can be saved! historicity be damned!

get a real job, find a real hobby, get your head out of your ass, and buy some self help books. Posted On: Tangled a Celebration of White femininity

Big Dick

I am just gonna ask since no one else is. Why do you call yourself a man when you don't even have a cock?   simple science is something hard for you fucked up weridos to understand but man equals cock and balls.  When I fuck my girlfriend my big cock lets her no for sure Im a dude.  How do you even fuck. and thsi bs about constructing masculinity so you can feel better about yourself is horse shit.  You need counseling man.  I think your problem is that you never had enough dick in your life.  Posted on Creating Our Own Definition of Manhood


When you started talking about dancing i just had to jerk off.  Did you dance naked.  Did your aunt touch your cunt? I have always wanted to fuck a paki.  You know my friends think this is lame cause they think white women are prettier and have tighter cunts but I tell them their wrong cause I think that Paki chicks would love my dick cause I would treat them better than a paki guy.  You know I wouldn't hit you or force you to wear that sheet on your head.  I would just fuck you doggy style to your cunt ached. Bet you love the White man now huh Posted on: Sri Lankans Don't Conform To, White, Western, Individualism