Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Are You Reading?

The one piece of technology that I could not give up is my e-reader.  It's just a little bit bigger than a postcard, but yet it holds my entire library. I actually spend hours reading each day.  A good book can not only educate you, it take you to worlds that you never would have imagined on your own.  Currently, Tami, of What Tami Said and our very own coffee addicted Sparky and I, have formed a sort of unofficial book club.  Though the two most disturbingly are trying to get me to read about tentacle sex, I very much enjoy the exchange and being able to share my passion for urban fantasy.

Since it is hump day, I thought that we could all use a break from the stress and dreary days of winter. Please share what you are currently reading and tell us a few books that you would recommend (note that I said a few, because the last time I asked for one book there was copious whining).  Please feel free to share what series you are most waiting to see return.  For myself, it is the next book in The Hollows series, which is do out next month.  You will know when I finally get it, because there will be no blogging that day until I finish reading it LOL.  Also, if you happen to know any good books in the steampunk or urban fantasy genre that are inclusive and fun, I would really be interested in hearing about them, as Tami is currently on our bad list for the L.A. Banks novels.

Editors Note: I should also point out that should Sparky recommend the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries by Charlaine Harris feel free to throw a book at him.