Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kanye West on Abortion and Gold Diggers

Some celebrities just need to say no to twitter, until they get the common sense that God gave cabbage.  In a recent tweet, Kanye West decided to share his thoughts on abortion with the Twitterverse.

 It is enough to make you want to bang your head against a desk isn't it?  I would like to know how a woman can get pregnant by herself?  As far as I know, it still takes a male and a female and therefore, Kanye is suggesting that men don't have an active role in reproduction.  The very idea that women are just gold diggers, out there trying to trap a man is extremely misogynistic. I am also horrified at the suggestion that men feel that they are being blackmailed into paying an exorbitant amount to end a pregnancy.  Really Kanye?

I am so tired of the normalization of calling women bitches.  When said by a man in this fashion, it is a slur, an expression of patriarchy and a complete erasure of a woman's personhood.  After his mother died, Kanye went completely downhill due to his grief.  I wonder how he would feel if someone spoke about his mother, the way he unilateral decided that all women are gold diggers and bitches?  He loved his mother so much, but at the same time he cannot connect with the fact that this language is hurting someone else's mother or daughter.  Does he believe that his mother was immune to this kind of virulent sexism in her lifetime and that it did not have a negative impact upon her?  No matter how much privilege any man has, they were born of a woman's body, suffering and pain.

I long ago stopped listening to hip hop and rap, because of the attitudes akin to Kanye's proliferating the music.  As a woman, I know that I deserve better, and I am certainly not going to pay my hard earned money to support a man with no regard for me, or my experiences. Kanye knows that misogyny sells because it supports patriarchy and he has no problem peppering his speech, music and music videos with it. Unfortunately, far too many women will ignore incidents like this, because they think the music has a good beat or catchy rift -- and that in part keeps these musicians in the mainstream. Think of the women that lined up outside of the courthouse, to support R. Kelly when we was accused of raping a little Black girl.

Patriarchy is successful in part because of the collusion of women.  As a force, our numbers are to large to be ruled, but because sexism and misogyny have become so ingrained, many women see no point in continuing to fight, and therefore; act in defense of our oppressors. Even as I write this, I know that there will be women lining up to support Kanye's latest act of misogyny. I know that there are women that will parrot what he says and viciously assert the veracity of the tweet, rather than examining how such a position allows men abdicate responsibility for their own reproduction, while at the same time demonizing women.  They never stop to think that comments like West aren't referring to "other" women, they are aimed at ALL women.  So, before anyone jumps to defend this, they really should consider personalizing itm because Kanye isn't excluding anyone.