Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Irritation of the Day

Okay, I don't get whiny that often, but I feel that there is a space for that sometimes.  My pet peeve today involves my beautiful dog Sookie.  I cannot drink a cold liquid without ice.  Even if it comes directly from the fridge, I put ice cubes in it.  Apparently, I am not the only person with a love of ice cubes.  Every time I put down my drink, the dog goes into a complete mission impossible mode and sneaks up quietly on it, fishes out the ice and makes a dash to the corner to hide.  Even if I give her, her own piece of ice before I sit to have my drink, invariably I will see her crouched down waiting for me to drop my guard, so that she can have my ice.  I have tried to train her out of this, but apparently get the ice cube is her favorite game.  Yes, I am writing this after being robbed once again.

Since I have had the opportunity to vent, feel free to share you recent pet peeve in the comment section.