Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday and The Question Is.........

This week's question comes from our newest contributor, Daniel

TGIF! I know I’m happy about the weekend coming up! I get to ask the Friday question this week, so tell me. When you go grocery shopping, what aisle do you go to first? Is it some sort of odd compulsion or just a habit when you have to do your errands?

Small confession time. I love chips and snacky things. The first aisle I go to is that long tiled road of chips and dips and other confections. I love veggie chips, Doritos, Jax Cheese Puffs, Salt and Vinegar chips, Kettle chips, ANY SORT OF CHIP GIVE IT HERE! Even if I go to the store with an intent on buying a specific item (like, ingredients for a cake), I ALWAYS go to the chip aisle and contemplate what I’d like to snack on.

Best things to go with chips are Pepsi and Captain Morgan, or just a Pepsi and Lime. Cheers to you folks, and hope you have an equally good Friday and happy weekend!