Monday, March 21, 2011

Really Apple? LGBT People Can't Be "Cured" With an APP

It seems that  every time we turn around there is a new app and app that seems to suit every possible situation of need.  Over the course of time we have seen some apps that are highly offensive, but this one sinks to a new level of low.  Exodus International is an organization that  believes that LGBT people can change who they are - in short not only are they LGBT their beliefs fall under the category of a hate group.
No one is saying that the journey to sexual holiness and integrity is easy. It requires strong motivation, hard work, and perseverance. But hundreds of men and women have experienced a great degree of personal transformation–attaining abstinence from homosexual behaviors, lessening of homosexual temptations, strengthening their sense of masculine or feminine identity, correcting distorted styles of relating with members of the same and opposite gender. Some of these men and women marry and some don’t, but marriage is not the measuring stick; spiritual growth and obedience are.

Measuring change in sexual orientation, on the other hand, is complex and problematic. For one thing, not all professionals even agree on the definition of sexual orientation. But both retrospective (looking backwards in time) and prospective (observation in real time) studies have discovered that shifts in desire, fantasy and behavior from same-sex toward opposite sex can occur, and that the attempt to make these changes is not inherently harmful. (source)
I know that the internet is filled with a lot of misinformation, just look at the people who claim daily that White people can be subject to reverse racism -- Ummm yeah-- giving a large platform to these group of devoted haters is still disgusting.  It legitimizes their hatred and makes it seem as though they have something substantial to say. Just because they couch their hate rhetoric in the selective reading of the bible does not make them holy, or correct.

The very fact that they suggest that forcing LGBT people to conform to cissexist and heterosexist standards is not harmful, is a perfect example of just how harmful they are.  How many trans women of colour have been murdered for just existing?  How many gay and lesbian youth have committed suicide to avoid the hatred and shame imposed upon them by a heterosexist society?  Somehow these yahoos have missed all of this and claim that the hate that they project outward into the world is not harmful. 

When I first became aware of my sexuality, I knew I liked men.  When I think about sex, it always involves a man, though I am not nearly as penis obsessed as say Laurel K Hamilton.   I am quite sure, for many heterosexual people it happens the same way.  It is not because liking the opposite sex  supposedly naturally occurs; it is simply what gets my groove on.  I fail to see why it is so hard to understand that it happens the same way for gays and lesbians.  What turns your crank, turns your crank plain and simple.  I cannot for the life of me understand the constant desire to enter the bedrooms of others and decide what is and is not perversion between two consenting adults.  These people need to focus on their sex/love lives.  Finally, for all of their biblical justification I cannot help but wonder how many biblical laws they are actually following.  How many mixed blends are hanging in their closets.  Look God said judge not lest ye be judged for a reason -- no one is perfect and we do all to remember this before wagging our fingers and bringing out the holy indignation.  As a Christian woman, I can clearly say that they are not part of any church or organization I would recognize as practicing the word of God.

And a little note to Apple -- What the fly fuck were you thinking?  Donating 100K to help fight prop 8, does not give you a free pass to spread homophobia and transphobia.  I am quite sure the LGBT community cannot be so easily bought. If that were not enough, the app has been given a 4+ rating, denoting this hateful shit as containing "no objectionable material". Really?  How can telling the LGBTQI community that they are sinning, have impure sexual desires and gender identities not be objectionable?  Oh I see, as long as you are supporting dominant paradigms and creating a group to marginalize and oppress, that's a good thing, because any semblance of real equality would mean sharing power and we simply cannot do that can we.  I wonder how it is that Apple cannot see the dissonance between fighting prop 8 and allowing this app. I suppose this means we need to make them understand.  Change.Org is collecting signatures for a petition and I think we should sign it, and let Apple know that wrapping hate up in technology and the bible is not acceptable. Supporting apps like that is the same as agreeing with those haters.  Unfortunately, I cannot boycott Apple because I don't own any Apple products nor do I have any plans to purchase any soon, but I really think as activists, whenever we have the opportunity to say with our hard earned money, that we are not going to participate in the clear oppression of others we should.