Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sparky Owes Me: The Great Gross Food A-Thon

Last night, Sparky and I were chatting and discussing food.  Since we both love food and to eat, we are constantly breaking down recipes and judging their fitfulness for consumption. I mentioned that I found a seasoning packet for shepard's pie in the grocery store, and not being content to allow me to marvel at the ridiculousness of my discovery (after all, who needs a seasoning packet for shepard's pie), Sparky decided that he simply had to torture me and do one better.

Do you know what that is?

It's chicken in a can.  That's right, chicken in a can. Apparently, the disgusting gunk around it is "delicious broth."

My disgust with this product was not enough for him.  He decided to suggest that I have some beautiful chicken for breakfast, and then promised to be around to taunt me at lunch time.  Look, there are some things, and chicken is certainly one of them, that does not belong in a can. When I told him that I planned to share his abuse of me with others, he giggled with glee. He is absolutely shameless and so I ask you dear readers, is this not a shameful abuse of friendship?  Some things do not need to be shared.

Okay, since I have started a gross a thon, please share whatever unique or ridiculous food products that you have come across recently.