Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Shame: Lilo and Stitch Edition

I have not done one of these in awhile, but old habits die hard.  I was chatting with Daniel, our newest contributor, when he inspired me to write this post. I know some of you are thinking that I should go easy on him, because he is after all new to Womanist Musings, but I just could not help myself.

I was whining to Daniel about once again being subjected to Lilo and Stitch by the boys, when Daniel decided to extoll the virtues of Stitch. When I asked him what he liked about Stitch he said, "His voice, he's blue, and small.He's fiendish".  Okay, this is a creature that has four arms and licks things.  Um, yeah, GROSS.  Smurfs are small and blue, Stitch on the other hand is GROSS.  He then went on to say, " You know, six2six would make a sweet band name."  I thought things were bad with Ohfilthygrandeur and her weird spongebob obsession, but this one really takes the cake. 

I get the love of cartoons, but I think there should be limits.  Apparently, Daniel does not think so and is contemplating the following tattoo.
No I didn't ask where he plans to put it (mind out of the gutter people). When I pointed out that this, shall we call it "fascination", had perhaps gone to far, Daniel offered to make myself, Sparky and Tami, of WhatTamiSaid a Stitch card for our respective birthdays.  Okay Daniel, put the grass skirt down and step back slowly.  I am starting to be thankful that I have a border to protect me, which means Tami had better hide. 

Alright, I suppose I have shamed Daniel enough.  Don't leave him hanging out there by himself. What cartoon character is your fave and why?  Would you go as far as to have said character tattooed on you and why? 

Oh Daniel...consider this your official welcome to Womanist Musings. You my friend have been Sunday Shamed.