Friday, March 11, 2011

Women are heroes

"In peacetime women are discriminated ... In war time they are targets."

French street artist JR's TED award-winning project "Women Are Heroes" is pretty special for any day of the year.

The idea is so simple on paper, and yet so arresting in its execution. JR's team took photos of women living in conflict zones from Kanya and Nairobi to Brazil, blowing up the black and white portraits to plaster them on train cars and on shop walls and the stairs of the communities where the women lived. The photo-posters, which capture women in goofy and dignified and joyful expressions, change the landscape of the neighborhoods temporarily, and also demand locals to see women in a new light. (source)
The following video has a built in transcript.

 I have not processed yet what I have seen but I knew this had to be shared.  Perhaps someone more eloquent than I can lend words to this, as they continue to fail me.