Friday, April 1, 2011

Change of Political Postion

Once a year I like to actively think about where I stand politically.  I have come to realize that as a Womanist, I am not doing enough to move the project forward of women's equality and I have decided to take on the feminist label.  For the longest time, I took issue with the racism, transphobia, etc., that I have seen in mainstream feminism, but if swallowing a little bit of oppression to help women finally achieve equality is necessary, then I am prepared to do this.

I am going to have to change the name of the blog.  Interested parties can leave suggestions in the comment section.  It might even be worth it to get some business cards with the new name. I know that there is no such thing as a good oppression, but I have been wondering if the blog has been watering down the role of women by focusing on so many side issues.  After all, gender effects all women, and isn't that what we should all be focusing on?  There really are other spaces that deal specifically with race, or sexuality etc., and Womanist Musings is wasting its time tackling all of these issues.

I have been reading many single issue blogs, and I can see from their work, exactly how much the single minded focus has allowed them to create the change that just isn't possible with the current format.  I know that some of you have come to embrace the regular guest bloggers in this space, but over time I am sure that you will see how much we can all grow by fighting specifically for gender equality.  I am sure that some of the guest bloggers will be able to focus their writings appropriately, and so we won't lose all of them.

This is a brave new start for Womanist Musings, and though it seems like capitulation, after greater thought, I am sure that you will agree, that as women we cannot afford to have our energies diverted to deal with side issues.  We shall reclaim feminism in this space, and by so doing ensure that women are centered appropriately.  Gender is the primary oppression, and it is time we stop pretending otherwise.  I know that this is even more shocking, than when I decided to embrace PeTA last year, but something about April 1st always brings out the weird in me.

Happy April Fools Day