Monday, April 4, 2011

More Subway Strife: Black Women Defend Themselves

Okay, Last week I posted a video that showed a subway altercation.  What I found shocking, is that some commenters seemed to feel the need to give the White woman the benefit of the doubt.  Let me just say straight up, fuck that noise.  I ain't even trying to hear that shit. If a Black woman cannot get the benefit of the doubt after being called an animal, then when can she?  The bottom line is that when Blacks and Whites share a space, Whites still feel that they have the right to assert their authority at will.  This is not helped by Blacks who think that calling people hoodrats  is acceptable, while looking upon them as though standing up for yourself is shaming the community.

Of course the video starts off with the Black women yelling.  God forbid we get one of these things that shows the beginning of the disagreement.  From what I can surmise, the two young women were attempting to defend their aunt because of something said by a White woman, when two White men decided to intervene.  Heaven forbid a wilting White woman be left to deal with her own issues.  This btw for those of you are curious, comes down to White female privilege.  Tell me the last time you saw a White man come to the defense of a Black women.  Nope, we are tough and not feminine enough.  This is the perfect example of sexism against women, can in certain cases become a benefit for White women.

Nobody starts screaming like this for no reason.  There had to be a moment of instigation and from what they are saying, it seems that it was once again a White woman who felt she had the right to police a Black woman.  They repeatedly told the White man to mind his business, and that the issue did not concern him, but of course, when there is a White maiden in distress because the darkies have become unruly, it is the duty of White men to come running.

For those of you who are willing to once again give the White woman the benefit of the doubt, ask yourself why she felt the need to say that her best friends are Black.  Yep Bingo, dog whistle anyone.  Anyone who has the nerve to talk about their Black friends like this, is obviously racist and I have no problem believing that this woman created an issue. In the end, when the God fearing White folk couldn't calm the Black women, they got the police involved.  The White man made sure to tell them if only they had been quiet, like they repeatedly had been told to be, they would not all be stuck on the platform, instead of heading to their destination.  Here is where racism turns systemic, because White people know that they can depend on the cops to keep the Black folk in line, like the bought and paid for soldiers of White supremacy that they are.

Look, if you decide to correct people in public, you have no right to expect that they will respond calmly towards you.  When Black women become angry, they are always seen as a threat and savages regardless of the words coming out of their mouths. I know that in this case, both women at various points threatened violence, but if you believe that this actually posed a threat to the two white men, that they were trying to tell to leave them alone, then you have another thing coming.  

Over and over again we see images of Black people supposedly behaving badly appearing on youtube.  The video of a single mother throwing a fit over her food at a Burger King went viral.  Black people are meant to feel ashamed and pull away from these people.  There are constant protestations that they people don't represent Blackness, even as Whiteness does its best to portray these people as ignorant niggers one step away from a zoo.  No one stops to ask where the videos are of White people behaving badly.  No, White people are too civilized to cause a public disturbance, even when we know that there are more Whites in jail than Blacks.  Even when the rare occasion occurs when a White person steps out of line, ze is always seen as an individual and not a representative of their race.

How many times have Black been told that the internet is colorblind?  How anyone could even make that suggestion after perusing the videos and the comment section of Youtube is beyond me. Because the internet is a product of society all of the isms are easily manifested and supported at every damn turn.  To be honest, I am sick and tired of these videos where Black people are portrayed as unreasonably angry, violent and uncouth.  They certainly don't represent Blackness and I am tired of them being constructed that way.  I have also had enough of the partial videos that don't explain how the incident started in the first damn place, so that all we see is angry Black people who seem out of control.  Videos like above become popular because it allows Whiteness to assert every negative stereotype that they have created about Black women. Even when Black women have a perfectly good reason to be righteously pissed the hell off, they are ridiculed and told to be quiet because the only group ever entitled to their rage is White men. I am sure many of you will be ready to dissect the video and assign blame but before you even do that, ask yourself why this made it to youtube and why it attracted so much attention in the first damn place.