Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Privileged Musings: 40 Things People Need to Stop Saying

216/365 Q is for Quietphoto © 2009 stuartpilbrow | more info (via: Wylio)

Due to the nature of blogging and the tenacity of isms, conversations have a tendency to be repeated in this space.  No matter how many times the regular contributors, regular commenters or myself, point out harmful tropes, they have a tendency to keep popping up.  This is because some people jump into conversations before getting their 101 on. Let's have a look at some of the most common pitfalls that  keep popping up, even though they are clueless as all hell because people either don't want to own their privilege or simply don't give a damn.
  1. How come there is a Black History month and no White History month?
  2. It's racist to have a station called Black Entertainment Television, without having a White Entertainment
  3. How come straight people don't get to have straight pride parades?
  4. How come straight people don't get safe spaces?
  5. Whenever there's real danger, men's lives always get sacrificed for women - titanic anyone
  6. I don't want to be called cisgender and while we are at it, what does cisgender mean?
  7. If you can't have a baby then you are not a real woman
  8. Tell me about your genital configuration in detail and if you have had surgery what was it like
  9. It really is deceitful if trans and or gay people don't declare who they really are
  10. Oh, my gaydar is going off and I can always tell when someone is gay or lesbian
  11. Bisexuals are just selfish and greedy, they can't stick with just one
  12. Are you a dot Indian or a woo-woo Indian?
  13. Those [insert Asian group here] are very nice, not like [insert other Asian group here].
  14. Muslim men don't know how to treat their women
  15. Why are people of colour always playing the race card?
  16. They aren't free unless we tell them how to be free
  17. Reverse racism is real
  18. All Asian languages sound the same 
  19. You don't look disabled
  20. You're not REALLY [insert racial/ethnic group] because I can speak your/their language better than you can.
  21. Blacks are uniquely homophobic
  22. Why are Black people always angry?
  23. I'm not gay, but I'll kiss a girl to get a guy's attention.
  24. When did you decide that you were gay or trans?
  25. No, what's your REAL name? Like the name on your I.D?
  26. What are you really?
  27. I can say this because I dated a [insert group here]   
  28. I'm not racist my best friend was Black when I was kid
  29. White people have no culture
  30. The confederate flag is part of MY culture! I'm celebrating history - heritage not hate
  31. Slavery was a long time ago and Blacks need to stop whining about it
  32. Why should I be punished, I never owned a slave?
  33. Stop over eating and watch what you eat and you won't be fat
  34. Make me a sandwich
  35. Blacks owned slaves too
  36. She must be on her period she's crabby today
  37. She was asking for it
  38. If you dress like a hooker, you're going to be treated like one
  39. Today, White men are the most discriminated against minority. 
  40. All fat people are just unhealthy slobs

 As long as this list is, it could be so much longer. If you happen to be one of those who has said or continues to say some of the aforementioned phrases just stop it.  It is not amusing, or empathetic.  Please use this comment thread to list bigoted statements that are often passed off as legitimate discourse that get on your last nerve.