What Are You Reading?

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We have not had one of these threads in awhile.  Right now I currently reading Anya Bast for a project that I am working on, and let me tell you that I am suffering.  I know that having as many examples of books in the genre is an absolute necessity and so this suffering had better pay off. The following is a small excerpt:

He stayed that way, barely touching her.  Their gazes locked, held.  The hear of his body bled through the fabric of his clothing and into her skin.  His eyes seemed to hold pure heat, everything he wanted to do lay there immersed in a barely banked fire.  Something in the depths of her chest squeezed a bit.  Emotion rose – hers or his, she wasn’t quite certain.  All of a sudden they were one being.  Claire wasn’t sure where she stopped and he began.

It was intense and her body responded in kind.  Her sex quickened, remembering what it was like to be aroused.  She moved on the bed a little, wanting him to touch her.

It reads like urban fantasy porn, with plot just peeking out from time to time to see what’s going on. I am not invested in these books and I can barely remember the names of the characters.  I thankfully only have one more book in the series to read and then I can try to scour my mind of anything related to Anya Bast. 

At any rate I need a reminder of what a good book is because I have been forced to read so much crap recently.  So tell me what is currently on your e-reader or bookshelf that is keeping you up at night to finish.

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