Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday and The Question Is.........

House Industriesphoto © 2009 Lee Lilly | more info (via: Wylio)

Garbage and recycle day for my household is Friday.  Every Thursday, we walk around the house looking to make sure we don't miss anything that should be out on the curb.  As the items leave our home to get placed on the curb, Sookie (yes, she is named after Sookie Stackhouse) starts to angst.  She whines and walks back and forth by the front door and the big bay window in the dining room.  This is a sign that she has gone on guard duty mode.  You heard me, guard duty mode.  It seems that Ms. Sookie has made it her responsibility to guard the family garbage and recycling each week.  

We all know the story of dogs and mailmen,  but my dog has an issue with the garbage men and the men that come to pick up the recycle.  From the moment we put the garbage and recycle on the curb, she guards it, barking and growling at anyone who walks by it.  I swear she spends a good portion of the night Thursday just staring out the window to make sure no one touches our precious garbage.  When the garbage and recycle people finally arrive on Friday, she looses her ever loving mind barking and running circles around the house.  Just in case I miss her antics, she makes sure to nudge me and make me aware that someone is taking our precious garbage.  This can go on for a good fifteen minutes or so until she finally calms down.  Once she deems her duty done, she will lie down and not actively guard anything until the following week.

Okay, I don't get it, so this weeks question is: can you explain her behaviour, and while you are at it feel free to share any unexplained behaviour that you pet has.