Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dan Savage's Bi-phobic Rant

Dan Savage speaking at IWUphoto © 2007 Erik Abderhalden | more info (via: Wylio)

I am sure if the dictionary were to define douchebaggery, an image of Dan Savage, would be all that is needed to adequately explain the term. I don't believe that there is an ism that he has not whole heartedly embraced, while having the nerve to label himself a liberal.  In his latest bit of fuckery, he wrote:
Not only would it be great if more bisexuals were out to their partners, it would be great if more bisexuals in opposite-sex relationships were out to their friends, families, and coworkers. More out bisexuals would mean less of that bisexual invisibility that bisexuals are always complaining about. If more bisexuals were out, more straight people would know they actually know and love sexual minorities, which would lead to less anti-LGBT bigotry generally, which would be better for everyone.
But people get to make their own choices, and lots of bisexuals choose not to be out. While I'm willing to recognize that the reluctance of many bisexuals to be out may be a reaction to the hostility they face from non-bisexuals, gay and straight, bisexuals need to recognize that their being closeted is a huge contributing factor to the hostility they face. 

Bisexual activists like to complain that they're the most oppressed because (1) it's a contest, and (2) it's a good excuse. If they can argue—and unfortunately, they can—that lots of gay people are mean to them (some gay people don't want to date them, some gay people doubt they exist) and straight people are mean to them (some straight people don't want to date them, some straight people doubt they exist), then bisexual people aren't to blame for the bisexual closet. Everyone else is.

And they have a point—but it's a self-serving, self-defeating point. Yes, lots of people judge and condemn and fear bisexuals. If those were good reasons to stay closeted, no gay or lesbian person would ever come out. And if bisexuals did come out in greater numbers, they could rule... well, not the world, but they could rule the parallel LGBT universe.
What I find stunning about this is that he actively chose to blame bisexuals for their oppression.  Really?  Suggesting that if they would just come out, ignores heterosexism and the sometimes outright hatred and ignorance that they face from other members of the GLBT community. They have been fetishized and told that either they don't exist are that they are in denial about being gay. Avoiding Blaming the victim or rather the marginalized person, is basic anti-oppression 101 and Dan Savage cannot even seem to get this right.  I could go on about the reasons I reject his argument, but I think that Neo-Prodigy hit it out of the ball park. I am going to get you started and you can read the rest of his response over at his space.
Dan Savage,

In regards to your comments on bisexuals, I only have this to say: THANK YOU!

Yes, thank you for personifiying everything that is fucked up about the LGBTQ community with your nonstop racism, transphobia, biphobia and pure unadulterated bitchassness and making it easier for me to have a reference to point to. Thank you for being the guy who villifies rape survivors and still manages to get a pass for it. That way I can stop pretending like I would piss on you if you were burning in hell, kinda like how you can stop pretending that you care about black people.

More than Phelps, more than the Westboro Baptist Church, assholes like you are the reason why it doesn't get better for queer people. Because as you have continuously proven, you're more of a threat to us than they are. At least they don't prop themselves up to be allies.

And biphobia will only end when everyone comes out of the closet? REALLY SAVAGE?!!!! REALLY?!!!!!! Because being a visible minority ALWAYS goes over so well in this society. I've been out and proud as a visible Negro. We see how well that's worked for me and mine for the past 400+ years in this country alone. We've also seen how well that's worked for those who are visibly out. Ask Emille Griffith, Lawrence King, Duanna Johnson and Matthew Shepard and all the other heroes and heroines what being visible gets you.
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Don't forget to share your thoughts on what Neo Prodigy had to say in the comment section.  I am very curious to know if it effected others in the same way that it effected me.