Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reading Group

Hello everyone, I know that I normally ask what book you are reading, but today I thought I would ask if anyone would be interested in participating in a reading group?  Sapphire's second book, The Kid has recently been released, and I would love it if we could all read it together for the purposes of discussion. I understand that it will be a difficult text to read, because it deals with child abuse, poverty, the adoption system and race.  But if you are up to it, I believe that this is a book that we can all share together.  Apparently, the book is not nearly as redemptive as Push and that is why I am specifically interested in reading it.  Here is a link to an interview that Sapphire did with The Grio to give you some insight into her intentions with the book.

Please let me know how many in comments are interested in participating.