Saturday, August 27, 2011

Candyman 187" High Off the Fame"

The above video is the first release for candyman 187 on his new cd.  This video is essentially about how we consume celebrities.  We don't even really understand them as people, they are simply entities.  This message really comes through when Snoop Dog enters the video with a potion that causes people to finally comprehend their actions.

Candyman 187 was raised amongst the chaos of “hood” politics, thus making the message of this song political. Socially we have a tendency to discard men of colour, and this is even more prevalent if they do not stem from a upper/middle class background.  It is fame that makes men like Candyman 187, Tupac Shakur (who btw was his mentor) or Trey Songz appear so attractive.  Alone on the street at night, they would be more than likely to be seen as a threat than anything else, based solely on race.

Candyman 187 claims to live by the motto of “I live hard, fight hard, love hard, and can’t give up,” and when we consider the low expectations of men of colour, what option does he really have?  The key word in that above sentence is hard.  Hard is what marginalized people must be to survive and even that is not a guarantee for success. I am fascinated by the people who are able to take everything the world throws at them and create something new and challenging.

In an attempt to revive the west coast sound of his past, he music has morphed, creating a perfect blend of West Coast bravado and East Coast lyricism. It's quite like coming in from the cold.

Candyman 187 has already won the Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards.  If he can continue asking questions rather and producing music that comes from his experience, rather than simply mimicking what is already out there, he will add something new and distinct to the genre.  I don't know about you, but I am ready from someone in this genre to inspire me to do more than get my groove on.  I want a return to when rap was fresh and new and had something significant to say.