Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday and The Question Is.........

This weeks question is based on the following video from the Family Feud.  For those that aren't able to view the video please find the transcript below the fold.
Steve Harvey: All right guys here we go. We got the top six answers they're on the board.  Name something that gets passed around.
Chris: A joint
Steve Harvey: A Joint
Chris: Laughs
Steve Harvey: Now Chris, I don't know what kind of people you think that we've been talking to in some nice little mall across America,  but I am pretty sure that people didn't tell the survey people, hey an illegal drug. Let's turn around and see how many weed heads are other there with Chris. A Joint.

Steve Harvey: This is when you know we're going to hell. Okay Tracy, only four answers top it so...
Tracy: The collection plate at church
Audience Steve and Chris laugh
Chris: You know, she's got the halo, and I've got the horns
Steve Harvey: I like the way you're trying to stop us from going to hell. You mister, you evil boy, passing around the thing with the funny smell. Looking for some saving here. Church please.
Steve Harvey: It's less than the joint.  This is not good. I'm just gonna, you go over there, they're going to play this. 

Did you giggle when you saw this, I know I did?  This weeks question is: Did you expect that the joint would score higher than the collection plate and what would have said for something that get's passed around?