Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Week's Top Troll

I have not done one of these in quite sometime but this is not because the hateful trolls have gone away.  I have decided that publishing a small example of the comments that I have not allowed to be posted on the blog, would serve as a teaching moment for many.  Often those of us that deal with marginalized identities are told that we are being too sensitive, or that things aren't really all that bad anymore. The truth is, there is still much that needs to change.  The best way to deal with this kind of hate, is to expose it to the light of day and reveal it for the ugliness that it is.  

As per usual, below you will find a list of comments that were not published.  Please be aware that a substantial trigger warning is in place, because many of the comments are homophobic, racist, transphobic, disableist and sexist.  Please choose the comment you find to be the most abhorrent and if you have the energy, please share why you chose it.

Smarter Than You on Disability as a Game:

You're a dumb whore. It's just a game. Also the attacks that paralyze in the game are nothing like real world things that could paralyze. Stop being fucking stupid and likening things like this to real world issues. It's people like you that are making the world MORE intolerant by making exceptions for everyone that you THINK get's offended by something YOU disagree with.

1498 on Guys and Dolls: The Power of Activism in the Margins.

Have you ever even done an informal survey to see if all you have is confirmation bias about men interrupting you? Because if the men who you claim interrupt you all the time also interrupt OTHER men, then there is no sexism right? Maybe you are just trying to find sexism so hard that you have to blind yourself and not even bother with practicing a little science before you can conclude that these men are interrupting you because you are a woman.

DVX Prime on The Great Popcorn Cuss Out

Madam, I don't know you or your family, but my sister posted this blog entry of yours on facebook, and when I read and re-read it I was so stunned that it has consumed a corner of my mind for most of the day. It has been a while since I have been so compelled to write a rebuttal, but here goes:

1) For someone who values people over commodities, you call your spouse "unhusband" and have named your children Destruction and Mayhem. Unless you're "just kidding", IMHO you have an emasculated mate and two children on the fast track to a lifetime of anger, hate, and contempt for their fellow human beings. This is how you value your own family? over microwaveable popcorn, of all things?

 2) Once again, my opinion only, but given this blog post, I shudder to think how your children behave around other children and adults. Children must LEARN, then EARN their respect; you just don't hand it to them and expect them to behave rationally. From what I gather from your blog post, your children have no respect for the people who brought them into this world, and will be rude, then aggressive, then hostile to their peers and their authority figures.

3) Lastly, Renee, I offer this treatise on the recent riots in London. I fear your children will be a part of something like this down the road, and I will offer my prayers for you and yours:

 TROLOLOL on Disability as a Game:
I'm sorry, but this post was wonderfully retarded and you're an idiot. Oh no, look! I just used words that are disabilities!
Get a grip, woman. If everybody was still so uptight on /words/ we'd still be in the 19th century.
I really hope you aren't teaching your kids that moron is more harmful than fuck, or you're going to see a lot more calls home from your poor, poor children.
I bet you're a typical sheltering suburban mom who drives a minivan to their kids' soccer game every weekend. You make me sick.

Dumbass bitch. Enjoy your butthurt. :)

 Anon on Pretty Fly For a White Guy:
ah... more of your hypocrisy. So because in this case you find the person doing the appropriation sexy and hot- thus you are sexually objectifying the male by saying that he can take his clothes off anytime- you give the whole situation a free pass and don't say anything about what you are trying to fight.

Why are you so selective and hypocritical about your supposedly fight against all isms and oppression?

This isn't the first time you sexually objectify a male either- you do it all the time on your vampire posts.