Monday, August 29, 2011

True Blood: Burning Down the House

Last night was a bit of relief after last week.  I was actually beginning to wonder why I continued to watch this show. It was a relief that this episode had less obvious fail. 

Sookie was irritating as usual this week.  She stops Eric from killing Bill my a magical burst of fairy power but later tells him that she still loves Bill and never promised to his.  Okay, here we go again with the ongoing triangle.  I know I should be caught up in this, but the truth is I am just plain tired of it.  Perhaps, it's because Sookie gets on my last nerve.  
Bill gets into it with Nan because she is only concerned about she is going to spin what happened at the hotel rather than actively proactively to fight Antonia.  Finally, he decides to blow up the emporium.  I have mentioned previously that it makes absolutely no sense that the vampires have been so passive.  Antonia has the potential to be deadly but she is no king Russel and the vamps acted far more proactively when he was a threat. I have to say that I am with Bill on this one.

Speaking of Antonia, it turns out that Marnie is the one in control and is using Antonia's power to exact her revenge.  I find this to be very convoluted.  From almost the beginning of the season, we have repeatedly watched the replay of Antonia being savagely raped and then murdered by vampires to establish causation for actions and yet when it is revealed that Marnie is the one truly in control we are given no reason beyond the fact that she has hurt fee fees. Ummm really?  Don't we deserve a little bit better than that? 

Another inexplicable moment came in Tommy's death scene.  Tommy is a rapist and as such I found that I could not sympathize with him in the least.  What I felt was relief because this means that we have now officially seen the last of all of the Mickens, unless Joe-Lee decides to haunt Sam from the grave in those horrendous yellow drawers.  I don't understand Sam's interaction to Tommy's death.  He just finished throwing him out of his house for raping Luna, and now all of a sudden he loves him deeply and will remember him forever.  How is it that he suddenly forgot that the first time that they met, Tommy tried to kill him. Nope, it's time to go all dirty Harry get his revenge on Marcus.  To me, this smacks of having too many characters that need something to do and so to keep them active writers are forced to conjure bullshit that distracts from the main plot.