Monday, August 8, 2011

True Blood: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

The very end of last night's episode left me screaming noooooo at my television.  Alan Ball, you sir are a supreme tease.  With Jason stopped by Bill's security will he manage to get away long enough to pull Jessica inside the house?  There are a lot of characters that I think are extraneous to the show but Jessica is certainly not one of them, though I could do without the Hoyt, Jason, Jessica love triangle.

Last night we got a lot of Eric and Sookie getting it on in various positions.  I wonder if Sookie has enough peas for her yahoo palace after that much shagging.  I don't know about you but the whole Eric mooning over Sookie thing has gotten old.  I love bad ass, take no prisoners Viking, and not the musty I don't want my memories back because you may not love me anymore Eric. Perhaps Sookie just brings the musty out in men.

When we last left Tara she was in the middle of a huge fight with Pam.  Fortunately for Tara, humans arrive and start taking pictures, causing Pam to leave.  After sending her girlfriend away Tara wonders along the road until she is stopped by Marni/Antonia and asked to join the coven.  As I watched Tara chanting in the circle I could not help but wonder if this is going to be her last season.  There have been rumors that someone big is going to die this season, and now that Tara has aligned herself in a real way against the vampires, I fear it might just be her. 
If you think about it, this season is far more complex than any other season, because it is filled with grey rather than just pure Black and White.  The humans that align themselves with Antonia have been raped, beaten and savaged by vampires.  Unlike Russel Edgington,  the quest is not about power but justice and revenge. On the otherside we have our vampires.  Antonia's plan is to have all vampires walk into the sun whether or not they are actually guilty of any crime at all, simply because they are vampires.  Even Bill the king is guilty of terrible acts and though Eric is being constructed as innocent thanks to his memory loss, his own past is awash with blood.  How can we root for either side?