Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is Stimming?

The following video is about something called stimming, which seems basically to refer to the movement of the body in a specific manner.  This includes rocking, shaking of hands and wrists, walking back and forth rapidly.  The video is made by young woman who has autism.  She discusses stimming and why it happens.

"So why would anyone do something so silly? There are several reasons and none of them has proved to be the right reason -- they're just some thoughts that people have and what people have to say about their own experience.  Information and sort of sensory information can be sort of hard for people with autism spectrum disorders. Like, ummm, a lot of the time they have trouble seeing the big picture they can just see pieces of what's going on but they don't really understand how to synthesis that information and take out the important part. Umm just like loud noises and a lot of things to look at, ummm like being in a mall for example, can be really upsetting to an ASD person because it's like a lot to take in - so much that they feel overwhelmed. It's possible and it's my experience, that going like this (flapping her wrist) or rocking a little bit somehow makes things feel a little bit more orderly and makes it easier to try to focus and makes you feel less overwhelmed by all of the information because you are doing this one leg (bouncing leg) very orderly simple thing."
Honestly, I learned a lot from watching the video and hope that you did as well.  What if anything stood out to you?