Friday, August 5, 2011

Yeah, It's Wrong But I Like It

'Justin Timberlake' photo (c) 2009, kyleburning - license:

This week I posted two videos of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon doing a rap tour.  The video included a lot of the songs that I actually like a lot and being a fan of Timberlake, despite the ish with Janet Jackson, I decided to post the videos.  I thought that this would be a throw away post, but once again, someone decided that I needed to deal with my issues.  The following is a comment from someone who didn't even bother to create a user name, but still decided I needed to read hir nonsense.
Anon: ah... more of your hypocrisy. So because in this case you find the person doing the appropriation sexy and hot- thus you are sexually objectifying the male by saying that he can take his clothes off anytime- you give the whole situation a free pass and don't say anything about what you are trying to fight.

Why are you so selective and hypocritical about your supposedly fight against all isms and oppression?

This isn't the first time you sexually objectify a male either- you do it all the time on your vampire posts.
If I were to discard anything that perpetuated an ism or appropriated from a culture of colour, I could never read a book, listen to music, watch a movie or television.  No form of entertainment is pure, because we live in a society that continually others and disciplines.  Even if a song is sung by a Black woman, that does not mean that it won't have elements of ageism, ableism, homphobia etc.,  Being part of a minority group does not ensure that the perpetuation of an ism will stop, and so short of living in a cabin in the woods, with no other human contact, I make compromises. We all make compromises on a daily basis and my ability to do so does not make a hypocrite; it makes me a realist.

The reason I said that Justin could take his clothes off is because he sang a portion of Hot in Here by Nelly and specifically said, "I am getting so hot, I want to take my clothes off."  Yeah sexually objectifying to repeat back the very words he, of his own agency decided to sing.  None of the images I put up of men on the blog are disembodied the way that so many images of women are.  These images were taken of them involving their absolute consent, because they recognize that to remain popular they have to sell their image. I am a heterosexual woman and that means that I find men attractive.

This is yet another example of Gotcha.  Yes the great hypocrisy.  I must at all times remain without any sort of compromise in every single situation.  Of course this is meant only to help me be a better person and I should accept it in the spirit with which it was written.  My response to this nonsense is fuck the hell off.  Stop trying to "help me" and stop trying to help me avoid contradicting myself.  Nothing in this life is linear and there is always room for grey and that includes in my personal thought pattern.  You cannot always avoid things that are problematic and so the idea is to recognize the problematic elements of what you are consuming.