Friday, August 19, 2011

Yoga For Black People

I was tweeted a link this morning about a young Black woman Chelsea, who has been attacked for daring to criticize the following video.

Yoga for Black People - watch more funny videos     

On Chelsea's blog she wrote:
For centuries people have been marginalized, attacked, harassed, bullied, and sometimes murdered for speaking their Truth. As a woman of African descent I have experienced both racism and sexism in many different settings that have at times left me paralyzed with fear….until now.

Over the past three days I have experienced direct and repetitive cyber harassment from the editor in chief/moderator of an online “yoga” publication with over 48,000 subscribers. This particular publication proclaims to support freedom of speech for readers; however, when I challenged a particular video entitled “Yoga for Black People”, which in my opinion was a tasteless attempt at “humor” by way of perpetuating negative stereotypes, I was the target for endless comments and posts that not only used my name, but my photo from my website as well. Within the one out of two comments I shared, I told a story about how my grandmother’s experiences with racism in the deep South frequently manifested in the form of “jokes”. I went on to comment that this particular video reminded me of that same energy. Never once did I point fingers, call names, or accuse anyone of being a racist. Quite frankly I did not even know the editor’s (my harasser’s) first name until he began signing his comments toward me “W”. I chose to not stand by idle, silently “lol-ing”, “lmao”, or “rotfl-ing”, instead I shared a very real story that many people who have been marginalized have experienced. I shared another perspective that made an individual feel uncomfortable, angry, and combative.

Since Tuesday this man has made numerous aggressive comments toward me on the aforementioned video in addition to three isolated articles which label me “Chelsea the yoga loving racist accuser who makes him embarrassed to teach yoga” (really dude?). Honestly, my issue is not with him disagreeing with my initial comment (everyone is entitled to their opinion), it rests in the bizarre harassment I have received following my observation. Although I refuse to comment on this particular individual’s ignorant effort for attention (at least on his site), I see this as a moment in which I want to express my gratitude for his ignorance.

Contrary to what some may think I am not assuming the role of victim, instead I choose to reclaim my position and my voice in this world. Yoga teaches me about balance, consciousness, and Truth. Through this experience I am learning how to align with a Source that is so much greater than me and this minor irritation. I am learning that there are no coincidences in life, and that everything is in Divine order.
The lesson in this is: even the smallest implication that one is being racist is seen as threatening and therefore, each time a person of colour dares to speak their truth, based in their lived experience and demand that their personhood be validated, Whiteness will be there to ensure that said person is duly chastised. Being called a racist is not worse than living with racism.