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 Hey everyone, thanks for the great week of conversation.  I hope that all are doing well.  As always womanist musings is open to guest posts.  If there is a topic that you have not seen covered and you feel that you having something to say about it, please free to send me an email to womanistmusings (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please feel free to send either an original work or a piece already posted on your blog.  I also welcome tips for interesting ideas to write about.

Below you will find a list of posts that I found interesting this week.  Please note that a link does not necessarily mean agreement with the piece itself or the blog.  The comments are read at your own risk because I don’t read comments.  When you are done, don’t forget to drop it like’s hot and leave your link behind in the comment section.

Childcare costs hold us all back
An Education in Racism
LAUSD’s Apartheid Hall of Shame: A View from the Classroom
DOMA & Mississippi Gay Man The Right Sue Spouses Racist Murderer 
Dyslexia and Me
The Devil, Disability and Fatness: How Divorced Are We From Medieval Thinking?
Tyler Perry vs Spike Lee: Black Identity Claims in Film 
I am Not a Secondary Character: Queer Kids in YA, and Why We Need to Do Better
Reasonable Doubt: A Descendant of Slaves Questions Their Faith
Color Struck: Black and Volunteering in Africa
Xena Rewind: Stage One
Five Things We’re Already Sick of Hearing About Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars
Real Breast Cancer Awareness 
Sex: Talking For Ourselves
The Clitoris, the Vagina and Orgasms: Feelings and Frameworks
Why I’m Not A “Feminist:” An Economic Lesson
The Last Time
Critic’s Notebook: Oprah You Need A Break From Reality

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