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I have not done one of these in quite sometime but this is not because the hateful trolls have gone away.  I have decided that publishing a small example of the comments that I have not allowed to be posted on the blog, would serve as a teaching moment for many.  Often those of us that deal with marginalized identities are told that we are being too sensitive, or that things aren’t really all that bad anymore. The truth is, there is still much that needs to change.  The best way to deal with this kind of hate, is to expose it to the light of day and reveal it for the ugliness that it is.  
As per usual, below you will find a list of comments that were not published.  Please be aware that a substantial trigger warning is in place, because many of the comments are homophobic, racist, transphobic, disableist and sexist.  Please choose the comment you find to be the most abhorrent and if you have the energy, please share why you chose it.
Seriously, slut-shaming? Racism?

Comedy without ism’s would be better….wah wah wah….please shut the fuck up. Go do something worthwhile with your time instead of whining about how politically incorrect the world is and how much better you are than them for noticing it. Maybe if you had some more protein in your diet (read MEAT), you’d be less of a self-righteous bitch.


A REAL woman 

Yes, they are wrong to deem it racist. Whether it is offensive is another matter—a completely subjective one at that—but I do not think it is racist. The obvious meaning of the sign, which you butchered in your own analysis, is that women throughout the world are often treated as property with few rights, similarly to the way slaves were historically treated. The analogy is not as terrible as you make it out to be. So when the sign uses the word “nigger,” it isn’t doing so as a rebuke to people of color, but to show solidarity—in just the same way the event uses the word “slut” to show solidarity with women and their sexual choices.

Nothing in your comment, by the way, offers a reason as to why my own view is wrong. Instead, you attack my personal characteristics. You imply that I cannot be correct because I am privileged in some senses and because I am a man (“mansplain”). You then seem to imply that you must be correct because of your own characteristics, such as being a black, disabled female.

Your argument, however, is nothing more than a ad hominen. Instead of disputing my ideas or pointing out flaws in my argument, you simply attack irrelevant personal characteristics. If I say that the answer to 2 + 2 = 4, a feminist would no doubt say that I’m “mansplaining” and coming from a privileged perspective that ignores “other ways of knowing” in which 2 + 2 = 5, but that feminist would still be wrong. This tactic among feminists is incredibly silly and offensive, as you are explicitly engaging in the actions that you hate among men: namely, discounting women purely based on their gender.

For the record, I don’t buy into the idea that women’s, people of color’s, and others’ experiences are incommensurable to other people. I don’t need to become a woman, or disabled, or another race to understand your perspective, and I find this unexamined axiom of feminist thought to be highly suspect. Taken to its extremes, because all individuals face many different variables that affect their privilege, including wealth, race, age, life experiences, luck, sexual orientation, and so on, that would entail that no individual can ever understand another individual’s perspective, and surely that makes no sense. I could respond to you that you are “individual-splaining” at me, and that you can’t understand things from my point of view as an x, y, z, … individual.

If you disagree, that is fine, but I’d like to think it’s for reasons and justifications other than my being a male.  

What about the racist comment about Justice being a white mans word? should we sue the author of this in civil court? how does that make white people feel? how does that make others feel? how is that no perpetuating hate and racism? Last time I checked, it was justice for all. How does this make American service men, soldiers, Marines, sailors, police and firemen and women feel? When they bleed, sweat and die for truth, justice and equality only to have someone way that its a white mans word? Do you really think that injustice doesn’t happen to white people? Ive seen white people picked on openly at comedy clubs and tv, or beaten up for being white. Or told they couldnt walk the streets because they were white, or go to school because they were white. Ive also seen white people fight for equal rights of women, minorities, gays… What would Dr. King say? Why is it that white people cant say anything “racist” like “white pride” or use any derogatory words? Yet people can say white boy, wigger, red neck, honkey etc without anyone really taking notice or people getting fired for it. I cant count how many times Ive heard people say “gringo, wedo, or Guero” in the work place without being fired… Food for Thought

CoolFox on In ‘How to Love’ Lil’ Wayne Gets “the Stipper Life’ Wrong

 Oh man, I have never seen such an idiotic, biased review such as this one. First it is obviously a secular-based review, and that in itself makes your point invalid. Second, from the start of the review, it is obvious that you ALREADY have a disposition for the review, and it seems it struck you on a personal level, making your review shit, basically I mean, it can be secular, but you were biased to a point where the entire review was utterly stupid. No, you missed the point entirely. The point is not to tell women to not have abortions. It is also not telling women what not to do. But you think that people can just have sex without consequences, but that is definitely not true.

DPirate: on Dear Slutwalk, Woman is NOT Nigger of the World

Stupidest non-issue I’ve read in a while. People can say nigger all they want. Your fucking political-correctness is psychopathic. 


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