The Vampire Diaries Season Three, Episode Seven: Ghost World

Once again, Mystic Falls had another founders celebration. This week they were celebrating Illumination Night.  Apparently, they lit lanterns to tell the town that it was safe to come out at night again, after they had entombed all of the vampires.  I am really sick and tired of the weekly celebrations of the former slave owners.  Of course, The Vampire Diaries creators don’t see it that way, but this is the truth of the matter.  
It seems that when Bonnie sent Vicky back to the other side she opened up a door that allowed all of the ghosts that had unfinished business to walk the town.  Because Elena was thinking of Lexy, Stefan’s friend he came back and because the tomb vampires had unfinished business with the founders they came back with the aim of killing the descendants.  Mason came back to find a weapon to kill Klaus in order to save Tyler.
Wrapped up in all of the ghost appearances, there was a lot of relationship angst.  It started with Jeremy and Anna holding hands and then quickly escalated him to kissing her.  When Elena walked in on the shared kiss, Jeremy begs her not to tell Bonnie, but Elena tells him that after they finish with the witch business that he is going to tell her himself.  Of course, keeping Bonnie in the dark does not last long, and Caroline tells her about the kiss.  
To break the curse, Bonnie needs to destroy the necklace and so Caroline heads over to Damon’s house to search for it.  When she cannot find it, Caroline tells Jeremy that Anna must have it.  Anna denies taking it but but Caroline tells Jeremy to wake up and open his eyes.  Enter Elena to save the day.  Elena tells her Anna that Jeremy has whole life ahead of him and they she is holding him back.  Jeremy tells Elena that he loves Anna.  The guilt finally gets to Anna and she hands over the necklace.  She says that she only took it because she does not want to be alone any longer.  Jeremy tells her that just because she will loose her foothold that it doesn’t mean that he will stop seeing and interacting with her and then he guesses that what she real wants is to find Pearl.

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