Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coulter On African American Republicans: "Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks"

I suppose now that Coulter is getting her swirl on, she believes that she is an expert on what a good Black is.


Sean Hannity: It seems that the liberal establishment was threatened by Cain early on.
Ann Coulter: Yup
Sean Hannity: uh symbolic crack pipe, bad apple, currying White favour. He's the guy that the Tea Party gets to say is their Black friend.
Ann Coulter: Right
Sean Hannity: All of these things have been said. What is it about Herman Cain that threatens liberal establishment thought?
Ann Coulter:  Well there are many wonderful qualities to Herman Cain, but to be honest with you, I thank that liberals are too dense to see them.  All they see is conservative Black man. Look at how they go after Allan West, look at how they go after Micheal Steel, I mean all of them with such wonderful qualities. That's why our Blacks are so much better than their Blacks.  To become a Black republican, you don't just roll into it; you're not just going with the flow. You have fought against probably with your family members, probably with your neighbours; you have thought everything out and that's why we have very impressive Blacks in our party.
Sean Hannity: Here's what's disappointing about all of this
Ann Coulter: No John Connyers in the Republican party, no Maxine Waters
Sean Hannity: You know his mother was a maid, his father was a janitor
Ann Coulter: Right
Sean Hannity: He grew up poor, just like Clarence Thomas
Ann Coulter: Right
Sean Hannity: His grandfather, My Grandfathers Son - a great book.  He tells this whole story growing up.  They are role models for people of all races.
Ann Coulter: No, not only that: he was a math major, he was literally a rocket scientist.
Sean Hannity: Graduate of Morehouse College
Ann Coulter: Not only that but the reason we do have a special place for Blacks in American society is because of slavery and because there was Jim Crow thanks democrats.  The president who we have now who has benefited from this, "oh isn't this great, we have our first Black president," - well he's half Black and he is not the descendant of Blacks who suffered these Jim Crows laws, who suffered through slavery. I am not contesting that he was born in America or anything, but he is the son of a Kenyan. He is not the son, the grandson, or the great grandson of American Blacks, who went through the Black experience; that is Herman Cain.
Sean Hannity: Well Ann Coulter, thanks for being with us.
Ann Coulter: thank you
Sean Hannnity: I'm glad you didn't call me a gossipy old woman
Ann Coulter: You are
Sean Hannity: and a brat.  
That has to be a new record for fail in under three minutes.  Coulter actually had the nerve to claim that Obama is not Black enough because he is not a child of the African Diaspora the way that Cain is. Mixed race or not, Obama identifies as Black and it is insulting to think that she - a White woman believes that she has the right to denigrate him or unilaterally declare that he is not a part of of the larger Black community.   He may not be the descendant of slaves but he has mostly certainly had to negotiate racism in his life.  He has been the most threatened president and presidential candidate in history, but I suppose that has nothing to do with the fact that he happens to be Black.  If he didn't have a high profile, cabs wouldn't be anymore likely to stop for him than any other Black man and he would be subject to stop and frisk policies just like any other Black man.

What Coulter is trying to do is an old game of divide and conquer.  Truly neither Hannity or her have the experience to engage in the conversation that they did.  Furthermore, let's not forget that racist Democrats went running for the Republican party after Democrats changed focus and started focusing on a civil rights agenda.  hat have Republicans done for the Black community since Ike was president? Don't you dare bring up the King holiday because the only reason that Reagan didn't veto it is because he knew that it would have passed anyway.  Even today, republicans like John McCain are backpedaling about their lack of support for the holiday, because now Dr. King has a more positive approval rating.

The Democrats are far from perfect even with Obama, but they certainly have not risen to overt racism that is common place within the tea party and the Republican party.  It is worth mentioning that left to the Republicans the policies which enabled Herman Cain and Uncle Thomas sorry I meant Clarence Thomas to be where they are today would never have happened. Having a few token sell outs coming to your party does not mean that racism has stopped being an issue. It is also not for people like Coulter or Hannity to decide frankly, who Blacks see as representative of them.

When I look at Herman Cain, this is what I see:

Any day now, I expect to hear him crying that he has reverse vitiligo.  There are sell outs in every community, because they believe that it is better and easier to side with the oppressor, than it is to labour in the cause of justice.  The solution to Cain's PR problem is very simple - stop being a sell out. As far as I am concerned, Ann Coulter can just have a big cup of shut the fuck up.