Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A "Friendly" Reminder: In response to the Occupation Movements

Itoro Udofia is an artist and writer living in Amherst, MA. Currently, she is attending graduate school to study social justice and education. Her work focuses primarily on the African Diaspora, black womanhood, identity, solidarity, and love. She hopes to continue using art as a tool for social justice. 

Yes you there flapping your gums
Darting words out so quick
that Thought and Insight can’t get through
I’m talking to YOU
(well at least I’m trying too)
The advocate
The ally
The do gooder
The liberal
The more conscious one
The “Well, I’m better than that…”
The “That’s not me!”
The radical
The comrade
Well we got problems don’t we?
Of a historic condition
Can’t seem to work efficiently
Unless with assumed permission
that you’re the one who’s doing the leading
And doing none of the listening
(well…unless it’s watered to a tune that fits your disposition)
But I ain’t deterred (“friend”)
Though I’ve been burned many times
‘Cause you won’t shake the assumption
that I got to walk two steps behind
And still I show up everyday
to look you in your face
To show you that without my presence
you can’t make your case!