Monday, November 7, 2011

People of Color Speak About Diversity in The Occupy Movement

Filmmaker Obatala Mawusi spoke to Black participants while documenting the New York city occupy movement and the following video is the result.  The most important message that they all seemed to have in common is that we all are the 99%. The video is well worth the watch

Update in Occupy News:

Vancouver and Victoria are making a move to shut down tent cities. The mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson said, "I have directed the city manager to expedite the appropriate steps to end the encampment as soon as possible". This occurred after a 23 year old woman died there over the weekend.  The protestors in Victoria have been told that they have until noon today, where they have been squatting for the last three weeks.  In Quebec after having a small issue with a fire, the protestors have been ordered to vacate the premises today. City spokesperson Jacques Perron said, "the park is no longer safe, which is a problem because it is a public space that should be safe for everyone".

This week Toronto mayor Rob Ford will sit down with officials to talk about ways to bring the occupy movement to a close. The people at St. James Park are continuing to create roots though they need essential items like, sleeping bags and blankets, and skids to lift the tents to protect them from the snow. Wood was delivered today and it is expected that a conversation with authorities might occur with authorities regarding open fires in the city.

In other news, in Halifax Nova Scotia the protestors at city's main cenotaph have agreed to a temporary relocation in order for the city to set up and hold Remembrance Day services.

CTV.CA is currently running a poll to ask whether The Occupy Toronto movement should be brought to an end. What do you think of the occupy movement? On Talkback Toronto Live at noon, it was continually expressed that they have made there point and should move on. Do you agree with this and what positive or negative effects have you seen from Occupy movements in your city?