Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode Four: Cherokee Rose

Carl wakes up and asks if Sophia is okay, and the crew arrive from the highway. During Otis' funeral they ask Shane to speak for Otis and he says, "I'm not good at that," but his widow begs him to speak saying, "please I need to know that his death had meaning." He lies and says that Otis volunteered to take the rear and cover him. Clearly, the guilt is getting to him and really it should.  What he did was despicable no matter how he tries to justify it to himself.

The crew gathers around the vehicle with Herschel to set up a plan to search for Sophia but Hershel tells them that Rick has given too much blood and that Shane's ankle isn't ready for that kind of pressure yet.  Hershel tells them that he does not want them to carry guns on his property and Rick promises to respect his wishes, which does not make Shane happy. Shane asks what happens if we find her if she is bit and Rick responds, "you do what has to be done".  Then Shane goes ahead and announces that Dale is going to keep watch, of course ignoring what Herschel just said he does not want guns on the property.  Rick turns and smoothes it over by saying that "people would feel more comfortable with this situation". Where does Shane even have the gall to attempt to take a leadership position after what he just did?

Shane asks Lori if she meant it when she said stay and Lori responds that she meant it.  I suppose after saving her sons life, the fact that he tried to rape her is forgivable (yes, much snark).

Of course, Andrea is not happy about laying down her gun and arrproaches Shane.  He then shows her how to take apart her weapon and she smiles. I hope that this is the start of turning Andrea into the sharp shooter that she was in the comics, because as it stands, her character is downright petulant, though she has a point about the men being the only one allowed to carry weapons.

Hershel tells Rick that once Carl is fit for travel and they find Sophia, that they need to move on. they have an exchange in which Hershel points out that though his life has been hard recently Rick has had a lot of good fortune and sees that as God's work.  Herschel is clearly a man of deep faith, but Rick is not moved.

Glen and Maggie go to the pharmacy to get supplies, but before they leave, Lori asks Glenn for a specific item, but him promise to be discrete about it.  Lori tells him to look in the feminine hygene section for the product.  Those who have read the comics knew immediately that the item in question had to be a home pregnancy test.

In the field getting water, T-dog and Dale have a chat while they are getting water from the well.  T-Dog is intent on letting Dale know that he is going to pull his weight in the group.  T-Dog says, "I'm not weak. Up on the highway I don't what that was, I don't know where that came from, that wasn't me. If' it's okay, I rather you not tell anyone about that stuff I said."   Really? No, seriously really?  How much more are they going to undermine T-Dog?  First they have Glenn dismiss every valid thing that he said, and now T-Dog himself is backing away from it.  Darryl is a redneck good ole boy and we all know that po po are no friend to the Black man, furthermore, he is in the south surrounded by White people but his concerns about racism are not valid?  This is just pure shit. 
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