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Drop It Like It's Hot

Thanks again for a marvelous week of conversations everyone. I am so sorry about the light posting on the blog the last few weeks.  The boys are off school for the summer and I am trying to adjust to the new schedule while blogging.  Please be patient and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

It has long been a goal of mine to make Womanist Musings a truly inclusive and intersectional site and I believe we are finally well on the road to that.  It is my hope that at least once a week all readers will see an issue that directly effects them discussed on the blog. I really want this to be a space for marginalized people to gather and discuss issues safely. We may not always get things right, but please trust that a good faith effort exists.

I am currently seeking someone to join the team to talk about issues related to fat activism.  I would like someone who feels comfortable talking about their own experiences, as well as taking an FA perspective to conversations around body image.  If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please send an email to womanistmusings (at) gmail (dot) com with two samples of writing and an explanation as why it is important for you to explore this issue. Please note, this is a non paid writing assignment.

As always, Womanist Musings retains its open guest posting policy.  If you are interested in sharing an original piece or work that you have previously published on your blog, please use the above email.  Please include a small three line bio, and an image that you feel best represents you.

As usual, below you will find links to stories that I found interesting this week.  A link does not necessarily mean endorsement, it simply means that something about the piece caught my attention.  Please show these bloggers some love and check them out.  When you are done, don't forget to drop it like it's hot and leave you link behind in the comment section. 
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Editors Note:  A link on this page is not necessarily a sign of agreement with the post and as always, the comment section is read at your own risk.  Sometimes links are to problematic pieces that I did not have time to blog about, and sometimes it's because I found something interesting in the position but in either case, a link is not necessarily a sign of support. ,

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It's Friday and The Question Is.........

'?' photo (c) 2009, Quinn Dombrowski - license:

It has been hot as hell the last few days in the arm pit of Canada.  Of course I have been keeping refreshed the old fashioned Cannuck way - cold beer.  In between sips I started to wonder what others do to deal with the heat.  So this week's question is: How do you stay cool during a heat wave?

Tori Spelling The Gay Hoarder

You ever see something that just makes you say hell naww, but find yourself struggling to come up with the words to describe just how sick it makes you?  Well speechlessness is never usually a problem for me, but somethings just defy words.

It's bad enough that A&E exploits hoarding for profits, but to turn it around and make this series into a spoof as a commentary on straight women who collect gay bff's is ridiculous.  Hoarding is a very serious issue and it had in many cases destroyed families.  Children raised in these situations sometimes become hoarders themselves because this is all they see.  From people collecting rats, to houses falling apart and bags filled with human excrement the show hoarders is meant not to inspire empathy with the people who have this condition but for us to gawk and judge.  If this were not the case the rat hoarder would not have been saved for the season finale.

This little spoof wasn't even successful with the comment that it was trying to make because the gay men involved were reduced to trite stereotypes.  Really gays in a wall building a disco and men in a closet clutching shiny gold purses?  I don't even know what to say to this.  Finally, telling Tori at the end that she could keep one gay, reduces gay men to possessions and I don't care that Clay Aikeen was her prize for riding her life of the gays.

Yeah, in a word sick.  I cannot believe that this was supposed to be funny.

Hey Dr. Marcus Bachmann, "The Barbarian" Gays Want to Know What's In Your Closet

Woot! Talk about guerrilla style action.  Of course, the receptionist decided to hide behind, "I'm sorry this is a private business."  Yeah, well that private business is having a very bad effect on the general population. You can pray about many things, but you cannot pray away the gay, because baby they were born this way.

Natural Hair and What I didn't Know I was Missing

Racialicious has a post up about throwback commercials from the soultrain days. ( Before you even say it, I am too young to remember soultrain Sparky)  I found myself replaying them a few times this morning.  Check them out.

I loved the eagle messing with her hair.  To me, it very much represents the oppression of Blackness by White supremacy.  And then there was:


That's right, Frederick Douglas asserting that the natural is an outward expression of pride.

To be honest, even then, Black hair in its natural state was still considered a political statement by many. Natural hair, which was considered a huge part of the Black is beautiful campaign, quickly faded as Blacks went on to embrace the soul glo days (yeah, I went there, and the unhusband actually accidentally set my hair on fire as well.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dollhouse: Season 1 Ep. - Ghost

I recently watched all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for a project that I am working on.  I started tweeting my responses so that I could have an interactive conversation with others.  On my blog Fangs for the Fantasy, I posted a review of each season.  When Buffy began to wind down, people on twitter asked if I would consider doing the same for Joss Whedon's Firefly or Dollhouse series.  I was resistant at first, because neither really fall into the category of urban fantasy. but since so many expressed interest, I have decided to review Dollhouse by the episode here on Women's Eye on Media.

The first thing I noticed is that Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku, who played Faith on Buffy. My first thought was that Whedon was switching out the blonde for the brunette. Hey, does Sarah Michelle Gellar show up to play her sidekick? No don't answer that. No spoilers please. I suppose what it says is that Whedon likes to work with White actresses who have large doe eyes that he has worked with in the past.  The better disarm the viewer I suppose. I know that it has only been 1 episode so far but I have only seen one man of colour that I think will be reoccurring character.  So I suppose it is whitetopia once again.  At this point there also has not been an LGBT character but considering Whedon did the whole death by gay sex in Buffy, perhaps it's better that there aren't any.

Okay, please keep in mind that thus far I have only watched one episode as you read this review.  From what I can understand, there are women that are housed in a secure location that I presume are called dollhouses.  These women have had their personalities completely scrubbed in order to have new personalities imprinted on them based in the situation that they are placed in.  In the first episode, we see Echo riding a motorcycle, dancing and even engaging in sex with ropes. She is whisked away to her treatment where her memory of the incident is completely scrubbed.

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Chicanisma: Letters to Abuelita and Reclaiming My History

 Eva Rivera is a proud lesbian Chicana, daughter, sister and sex worker who can walk in 6 inch heels and twirl naked on a pole in front of total strangers but is still viciously afraid of moths. She hails from Fresno, CA and is a poet and aspiring film maker. You can find her more personal writing on her blog

Part of my journey healing my intense self-hatred was learning what words I could reclaim for myself. Labels, which others had dumped on me, were cast aside for titles that I wear with honor. Over time, the first generous out-pouring of pride was a necessary salve for me to begin to heal. Now, I carry that sense of pride still, but without the newness that made me incredibly defensive in the beginning when I still felt wounded and was protecting and bandaging those wounds. With the renewed vigor of anti-immigrant campaigns, the closeness of the Dream Act passing, I feel the featherings of defensiveness again. I struggle with where I fit in exactly. I am not an immigrant though the daughter of one. As a Chicana, I feel the need to fight for something so vital to maintaining our culture and identity.

I try to do something often that honors my ancestors and what they have passed on to me. This is very hard to do sometimes because white colonization has made it difficult for my family to value their own history and pass it on. Internalized racism, sexism and a legacy of violence on my mother's side has broken apart my family in so many pieces and in such intense ways that now when I try to put pieces together it simply is too unbearable for anyone to work on. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Vibrator

Okay after hemming and hawwing for years about wanting a vibrator, and being too embarrassed to admit it, I finally bought one.

After talking to my girlfriends, the Hitachi magic wand seemed to be the most recommended product. 

I suppose some of you are wondering what finally pushed me over the edge.  Well, on Monday on our little podcast, I mentioned that Charlaine Harris was so out of touch when it came to sex that she really needed to buy a vibrator and get to know herself a little better.  That comment weighed with me the last few days, and I realized that as much as I have written about masturbating, and thought that I was truly open when it came to sex, I was to embarrassed to buy myself a vibrator. Then last night as I was watching the first season of The Walking Dead with the unhubby a group of women admitted that one of the things they missed was their vibrators.  That did it.  Procrastinating about something I have wanted for a long time, because I was to embarrassed to just own up to it suddenly seemed beyond ridiculous.

There are several sex shops in Niagara Falls, and in fact, I would say that sex shops and donut shops are probably our two most popular businesses.  Weird huh?  Every time I would go by a sex shop, I would think about going in, but something always stopped me.  Today I realised that I can avoid that whole mess by just ordering what I want online. 

Of course I was anxious to get my hot little hands on my new baby and so I tried to get expedited shipping only to discover that they don't offer than in Canada.  Go figure.  Oh well, at least I finally did something about my curiosity. 

So, I was wondering how many of you have a magic wand and what do you think of it.  What other products do you have and would recommend and finally are there any sex toys that you have been to embarrassed to purchase and why?

Hey Did You Know Your Vagina's Personality Is Based On Your Race?

Can there be a product more harmful for women than a douche? In an effort to make themselves relevant in a world in which women have realized that their vaginas naturally clean themselves, Summer's Eve has given us the sassy vagina. You might want to grab a puke bag before viewing.

Uhh hail to V from the wonder down under gurrrrllll.  You go ahead and put your hands on your hip and get to snapping.

My Inside Voice

I am a 36 year old disabled woman who has been variously labeled "fat", "crazy", and "a hippie weirdo." I now try to embrace labels that others use in an attempt to "shame" me into being someone more "acceptable". I am passionate about issues of race/racism, criminal (in)justice, fat acceptance, and mental health advocacy. I blog at My Name Is JuJuBe and I am on the team at The Intersection of Madness and Reality

(Note: I first wrote this after watching an episode of the Boondocks in which a white teacher calls Riley the N-word, the expresses confusion about his use of the word.  When he faces a disciplinary committee, he describes how Riley constantly uses the word, and that it has embedded itself into his subconscious mind. He concludes his speech with “My inside voice didn’t talk like that before!”)
Now, let me make this abundantly clear. A white person should NEVER use the N-word. I do not care who they are, who they hang out with, or who they fuck. It is just not appropriate. So, I HATE when I hear white folks using the N-word. But, that is NOT what I am going to talk about today.
Today, I am going to talk about why I don't like when Black people use the N-word. Now, I am the first to admit, I have NO RIGHT to tell a Black person whether or not he can use this word or any other to express himself. And, that is NOT my intent. I understand the premise behind using the word. I understand the concept of taking the power of the word back. I get all that, I really do. But, I REALLY do not like when my friends use the N-word word around me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey Lady GaGa, Wheelchairs are Not Your Fun Accessory

Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Lady GaGa wheeling herself on stage in Australia?  Come on little monsters, deny that this isn't disableist as all hell.  For more images of the her appropriation check here.  Quite honestly I am sick and tired of celebrities thinking that this is avant garde. It's bad enough that with the exception of a few cases (see Marlee Matlin or RJ Mitte for eg) that disabled people are often played by the able bodied.   All the better for the miracle cure so that they can suddenly walk or see again.

For GaGa, a wheelchair can just be some fun toy because she doesn't need it to function as her legs.  When her show is over, she can put on her ridiculous hobbling heels and strut, (that is if she doesn't wipe out) to her next gig.  She will not have to go two or three extra blocks because there are no curb cuts for her to cross.  She will not have to wave her arms frantically to get attention because a business owner has decided that they couldn't be bothered to install an automatic door opener.  And finally, she won't get glares or accusations of faking when she stands up, because as an able bodied person, she functions as a gatekeeper to those of us who are disabled and therefore understood as "other."

Erasing The Gay People From Your Family IS Homophobic

This is a guest post from Sparky, of Spark in Darkness.  Many of you are  familiar with him from Livejournal, as well as from his insightful and often hilarious commentary here. Each Tuesday, Womanist Musings will be featuring a post from Sparky.

Genealogy is something of a familial obsession with my kin. The never ending quest to push the records as far as they can and fine every slight tiny detail about the lives of people you never met who died years, decades, even centuries before we were born. It's vaguely creepy to be honest.

As you can probably tell, I've never really got it, not to the degree that consumes my family. I don't understand why they're so frustrated that my grandfather's family has only oral records, no paperwork. I can understand lamenting the tragedy of the times when considering how many of my male ancestors died at sea - and how many of my female ancestors ended in work houses or the numbers who were working gruelling physical labour into their 80s - but I don't understand the personal almost grieving that often accompanies each revelation, like it was a personal loved one who suffered such straits. Perhaps it's because, while we're an immensely vast and almost disturbingly close knit family, I've always been an outsider - I don't feel many bonds with my living kin, let alone those long dead.

Of course, I've had issues with genealogy before, specifically about my great uncle Ralph who is listed on the tree as single. Even the big obituary scrap book (yes they keep an obituary scrap book. Because that's not creepy morbid at all, right? Of course you've never seen them compete to see who manages to put the most column inches in the local newspaper whenever one of the family shuffles off their mortal coil. It kind of gives you a new definition of morbid) lists him as brother, uncle, cousin, sorely missed etc. Of course, he lived another man for oooh, 20, 30 years? Oh no official record, no obituary, not record on the tree - but I've heard enough rants about "Henrietta" and how he "stole Ralph's money". I always wonder who Uncle Henry was (and it causes no small ructions that I insist on calling him uncle) but the family hasn't even remembered his last name.

Thoughts on Season 6 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy on the Wallphoto © 2007 Bart Naus | more info (via: Wylio)

When I first started watching Buffy, fans promised me that I would adore the series given my love for urban fantasy.  The first five seasons were hard for me to watch and quite honestly if I didn't have a project which required me to watch Buffy, I would have stopped.  Season 6 however was a game changer.  Buffy left behind much of the teen angst with the exception of Dawn (can we drop a house on her?) and was much darker and far more adult.
Since season five, I desperately wanted Spike and Buffy to get together and that desire was met by an abusive relationship that culminated in rape. I know that some fans don't see the abuse in the relationship prior to the rape, and that is why I think a discussion is absolutely necessary.  Even though Buffy was more than capable of defending herself against Spike's physical assaults against her, he continually hit her to provoke sex.  He prayed upon her vulnerabilities using shame, and then systematically attempted to isolate her from her friends.  These are the hallmarks of abuse and should never be seen as some sort of romantic interlude. 

As much as season six was adult, it was also more problematic.  After waiting for Tara and Willow to finally kiss and share the same sort of romantic screen time as heterosexual couples, viewers were rewarded with watching them break up due to Willow's abuse of magic (more on that later) and finally Tara's death.  Really Whedon?  It's bad enough that Tara died, but to kill her after she and Willow had sex, makes it seem as though death is the penalty for same sex love. How many times have we seen this trope carried out in the media?  After witnessing Tara's death, I don't understand how this show could be seen in any way as a positive representation of the GLBT community.  I know that some will defend Tara's death behind Whedon's nasty habit of breaking up couples, but when it comes to gay/lesbian relationships, the fact remains that violent death is often how they are ended in the media. Tara's death is an absolute reflection of lesbophobia and can be seen as nothing else.

Season six also saw the rise of the slut shaming Xander.  From the beginning, Xander was not a character I took seriously, but this season made me loathe him in a way I didn't believe was possible.  As you remember in season two, Xander cast a spell to make him irresistible to Cassandra, but it back fired and made all the women of Sunnydale become violently attracted to him.  I suppose I should not have been surprised that this same character would have no problem slut shaming both Anya and Buffy, when he discovered that they had slept with Spike.  In Anya's case, the sex occurred because she wanted to be comforted, because his trifling behind left her at the altar. She wanted solace, she wanted to feel beautiful and wanted, but instead of realizing that he had no right to sit in judgement of her, Xander repeatedly slut shamed her.  His shaming of Buffy had even less grounding, since they had no romantic relationship, and even when she told him that her private life is her business, he made it clear that he was always privy to it in the past and expected to be informed of every sexual dalliance that she participated.  Xander behaved as though these two women took his body to their business and it speaks loudly of the ownership men often take of women's bodies.  It was paternalistic and it was absolutely sexist, but then this show is supposedly a positive commentary on gender right?

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monstrous Musings: The “Smurfette Principle” Needs Killing Right Along with Voldemort.

Natalie Wilson, a Women’s Studies and Literature professor at Cal State San Marcos, is author of the recently released Seduced by Twilight: The Allure and Contradictory Messages of the Popular Saga.
She pens one of the academic blogs analyzing the saga at She is also author of the blog Professor, What if? and writes regularly for Ms Blog, Girl With Pen, and Womanist Musings. Her home page can be found and her Twitter handles are @seducedbytwi, @drnataliewilson, and @professorwhatif.  

In her classic 1991 article, “The Smurfette Principle,” Katha Pollitt argued that in the majority of media “The message is clear. Boys are the norm, girls the variation; boys are central, girls peripheral; boys are individuals, girls types. Boys define the group, its story and its code of values. Girls exist only in relation to boys.”

Or, as Barbara Creed, author of The Monstrous Feminine, might put it, males are the norm, the central heroes in media narratives, while females and femininity are made monstrous.

As I prepare to attend Comic-Con in a few days to promote my new book, I have been thinking a lot about female characters and the roles they play in the type of narratives Comic-Con features. In what follows, I offer some thoughts on three very well known Comic-Con-esque characters: Hermione Granger, Sookie Stackhouse, and Bella Swan.

Thankfully, in Deathly Hallows: Part 2 girls are not a variation nor are they singled out as girls or monsters, rather, they are equally as vital, as strong, as smart, and, sometimes, as evil. As noted at This Girl on Girls, this is in keeping with the spirit of the books, wherein “JKR did not go out of her way to make women seem stronger and superior to men in the book, but rather wrote a series that showed men and women as equals — they can be equally evil, equally smart, and equally brave.”

In this final film of the saga, Hermione is not, like “a passenger car drawn through life by a masculine train engine,” (as Pollitt describes the majority of young female characters). She is a full-blown engine herself, pulling Ron and Harry out of the Gringotts with her dragon-riding idea, and helping Harry bring down Voldemort full-steam throughout. She is not a monster in the negative sense of the term, but she is monstrously smart and brave – and demonstrates this – as monsters are so good at doing, on multiple levels.

The unbearable nonsense of hair hierarchies or No, Andre Walker my hair isn't "limited"

I am a writer, black woman, bibliophile, music lover, nappy head, geek, eccentric, Midwesterner, wife, stepmother, sister, aunt and daughter. I am a liberal progressive. I believe in equality...of gender...of race...of sexuality...and I believe in working PROACTIVELY toward same. I am anti-oppression. I believe in justice for ALL. (Knowing that, you may label me as you wish.) I am a genealogist and I believe there is strength and knowledge to be found in the lives of our ancestors. Good living, good food, good music, good books, good people and good conversation turn me on.You can find me at What Tami Said.

If you follow any natural hair blogs, then you know Andre Walker, hair guru to Oprah, has put his foot in it. Walker told Elle magazine:
“I always recommend embracing your natural texture. Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing”.

The suggestion that hair can simply be too kinky to wear naturally set off a furor among the nappy community. And so, Walker responded on his website:
"That statement is a very short version of what I also said in my book all those years ago, but almost immediately after the Elle article, the internet was abuzz with people questioning why I would recommend chemically relaxing a particular hair type Some even said my advice suggests that kinky hair is “bad” hair.
Let me first say that there is no such thing as “bad” hair, and I have long ago freed myself from being afraid to use the word “kinky” and also from being accused of not liking natural hair. We have become a multi-cultural society that embraces many different looks and styles when it comes to hair. It is my Mission to help you grow strong, healthy hair, and wear it in the style or styles that best suit your likes and particular hair type.
When it comes to curly and kinky hair (there is a difference), I leave the political correctness of “going straight” or staying natural to a woman’s personal preference. Once again, my advice is based on how to best achieve strong, healthy hair. So for those who would like to engage me in a debate about who has more racial pride and self esteem, based on hairstyle preference and use or non-use of chemical relaxers, know that I believe in personal freedom, and in the use of advanced technology when it yields positive results, which many of today’s (versus yesterday’s) chemical relaxers do deliver.
It is a fact that kinky hair (my Type 4 definition) is extremely fragile and breaks easily. Even when you are very careful, something as simple as combing can break this texture. It is very difficult to achieve a longer length when the hair breaks, even with simple combing. That being said, there is the style option of wearing braids, dreads, or twists, which allows the hair to grow longer because it is combed less often. Another style choice is to simply wear a shorter cut, which is very attractive on some women but just not right for others.
So when I say to embrace your natural texture, but consider relaxing kinky hair, am I contradicting myself? I don’t think so! You see, even relaxed hair can still be worn naturally. If you want a natural look, but find that your kinky hair is difficult to manage, breaks too easily, lacks shine and luster, and limits your preferred styling options, I say feel free to consider a mild chemical relaxer, sometimes called a texturizer, that eases your hair to a more manageable texture and allows you to Make Peace With Your Hair.” Read more at Black Girl Long Hair...

The Dishonourable Rev Jesse is set to Lead a Tea Party Rally

Every community has their sell outs and as far as I am concerned, when it comes to Black folks, Jesse Lee Peterson is high on that list.  This is a man who after all went on Fox News and declared that 90% of all Blacks hate White people.  This man is so concerned what the massa is going to think in the big house that he forgets that he is Black.  Perhaps, on some level he believes if he sells out enough that Whiteness will make him an honorary White person, but what this uncle Thomas has yet to figure out that he is just another person in the long line of useful tools.  Of course Whites going to sit contentedly to hear him bash Blacks.  It affirms their White supremacy after all, but nothing that Peterson says or does will ever change the fact that he is Black.

It his latest act of house negro antics, the less than honourable, self made reverend is going to lead a Tea Party march. 
'LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The newly formed black led South Central L.A. Tea Party group will hold a major rally to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) during its102nd annual convention in Los Angeles on July 24. The purpose of the rally is to bring attention to the failed liberal big government agenda of the NAACP and to expose their lies and hypocrisy on race issues.
Who: South Central L.A. Tea Party
What: Rally to expose the failed big government agenda and lies of the NAACP
When: Sunday, July 24, 2011, from 2-4 p.m.
Where:1201 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Outside the L.A. Convention Center- West Hall).
"The NAACP is a tool of the Obama administration," said founding member and President of BOND Action, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. He added, "For decades, this group has supported left-wing policies which have created dependency, destroyed black families, and hurt race relations." Rev. Peterson cited the following examples:
  • NAACP spreading lies about the Tea Party movement. NAACP has made numerous false allegations of 'racism' against the Tea Party movement, but has yet to provide a shred of evidence backing up their baseless claims.
  • Support for failing public schools and unions. The NAACP has aligned itself with the United Federation of Teachers to block 22 of the worst performing schools in New York City from being shut down. This has put them at odds with thousands of black parents in Harlem who support replacing these failing public schools with charter schools.
  • NAACP's hypocrisy on crime and race. The NAACP has remained silent while black thugs attack white Americans and commit crimes in flash mobs across the country -- but
    NAACP President Benjamin Jealous says he's "deeply concerned” with the lack of black news anchors on Television. 
  • The NAACP supports black genocide. As an ally of Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand, the NAACP has aided and abetted in the death of some 15 million black babies since the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion.
This event is open to all Tea Party supporters and like-minded patriots of all races."

I think what galls me the most is that he had the nerve to accuse the NAACP of supporting Black genocide.  This from a man who does not care about Black people except how we can be perverted and oppressed enough to serve Whiteness.  The high abortion rate of Black women has everything to do with the fact that we are living in a White supremacist state.  With good sex education, as well as services to help women keep their children, perhaps it would not be an issue today.  I fail to see how supporting a woman's right to choose is supporting genocide and furthermore, since what they are aborting is embryos it hardly rises to the level of genocide.  If Black women were running around Black babies who were fully capable of living outside of their mothers bodies, then, and only then would this asshat have a point.

True Blood: I'm Alive and I'm on Fire

Last nights episode was much less painful to watch, though it started with Jason still being tied to the bed being gang raped.  As I listened to the people from Hot Shot refer to the men in their community as uncle daddy, and brother husband, I have to say that I was very upset.  I understand that the whole point behind wanting Jason was to interject fresh blood into their DNA, but I really feel that Ball's approach stigmatized these people in a way that Charlaine Harris did not.  Believe me, it absolutely pains me to praise Harris for anything after reading her Aurora Teagarden mysteries. Not only did Felton drug Jason and set him up to be gang raped, he sent in the young Becky to participate, proving that they are so backward, that they don't even care about the women of their community.  I want to watch True Blood, not a remake of Deliverance.

I thought that the flashback to the Spanish Inquisition was great.  I wonder how many viewing this realized that what they were watching, was essentially a re-enactment of a war on women.  I know that Ball is linking vampires to this witch's death, but we have yet to hear the whole story.  It is clear that Marlee is in way over her head.  She cannot control the spirit, she cannot force it to answer her, and when the spirit does appear, she cannot control what it does.

It was sweet to watch Eric play in the sun.  I also have to say, I don't understand why Ball couldn't have the camera drop just a few inches when Alcide was changing and when Eric was in the water. That is what I call a serious tease. When Sookie turns to Alcide and says, "stop making that noise," it cracked me up.  Watching Eric mourn the loss of daylight really gave me a sense of his loss. Though he is over 1000 years old, and has seen things that I could only dream about, to do that he had to give up simple pleasures like going for a swim on a hot summer day. I guess there is a cost for everything. Tenderness is something the old Eric would never have exhibited, and it is this vulnerability that is drawing Sookie in.  In some ways, she is still very much a sexual conquest to him, and in others, she is a mother figure. 
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