Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Apologise

Yesterday, I wrote a post entitled Dear GLBT Community, Whitney Houston Just Died, Give it a Rest Please.  I was called out in the comment section by two different people and upon further reflection, I realize that they were right.  The title of this post is absolutely offensive.  I blamed the entire community for the actions of one.  That was absolutely a reflection of my privilege and I wholeheartedly apologize to all those who I offended.

It is quite ironic that I made this mistake this week, considering a conversation I just engaged in with my BFF about the necessity of seeing ourselves as individuals.  To give you an extremely rough idea, he was in a situation in which a Blatino decided to use the word nigga in front of a largely White audience and he felt shame, because he saw it as a reflection of himself. At the time, I pointed out that only bigots think that one person can represent the entire Black community, and that anyone who associated him with the man in question was most assuredly a bigot.  These words passed my lips approximately 72 hours ago, and yet I turned around and did exactly the same thing with the title of my post. I knew better and still yet I showed the world my ass.

Thank you to those who called out my mistake and for taking the time to force me to question my actions.  I have always said that the Black community is not a monolith, but in many ways I think I have been guilty of seeing the GLBT community as one.  It's a case of not practicing what I preach and it amounts to hypocrisy.  This is one area of my privilege that I definitely need to get a handle on.