Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

This morning I awoke to the extremely sad news that Whitney Houston had passed on. At first I assumed that Twitter was back to its games of declaring people dead, but when I came across the news at CNN, I could no longer deny the truth.

Growing up in a largely White neighbourhood, Whitney's release of her first album was a godsend. Finally, finally, the kids were singing the music of someone who looked liked me, and praising her as beautiful.  For me, in many way, Whitney was a princess. 

In recent years, her extremely public struggle with her addiction and her divorce from Bobby Brown had diminished her bright star.  There were performances in which she stumbled across the stage, leaving her fans wondering where her beautiful voice had gone, and if anything remained of the talent that so many had once embraced. 

Whitney may have be down, but she was not beaten.  She had recently released a new CD, and apparently had plans for a movie.  As I heard the news of her death, I could not help but wonder if the world realized the talent that we have all lost.  Whitney was far from a perfect woman, but it is absolutely undeniable that she left behind a legacy, in terms of her music, that will continue to give joy to all of those who are fortunate enough to hear her sing.  

Rest in peace, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest