The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode Ten: 18 Miles Out

The episode begins with Rick confronting Shane about Otis, who claims that one of them wasn’t going to survive. Shane asks if Rick thinks that he can keep, Lori, Carl or his baby safe, and Rick says that he is not the good guy anymore, and that to save Carl’s life, that he would do anything.  Rick warns Shane that he is not going to be dangerous to anyone anymore.  “You don’t love her, you think you do, but you don’t. Now the only way you and me keep on is that you accept everything I just said right here, right now and we move forward with that understanding,” Rick says. 
Shane says that he tried to get Rick but he couldn’t. He tells him that in the hospital, the military was shooting civilians. “Lori and Carl kept me alive, and I want you to know that I didn’t look at her before like that, and if I could take it all back I would,” Shane says.
This whole exchange was very much a pissing contest between the two men.  Though Shane seemed very much like he regretted his relationship with Lori, that man is not to be trusted.  If he was so sorry, he would have admitted to Rick that he tried to rape Lori when she rejected him. 
Back at the farm, Maggie talks with Lori about Glenn. It seems that Glenn is still not himself.  “Men are going to blame the little woman for the reason they do, or they reason they don’t, and we’re just trying to keep it together until they come back.  If you have nothing to apologize for, tell him to man up and put himself together, just don’t say man up, Lori advises.
In these two scenes we can see the clear division between men and women in this series.  It seems that if the world goes to hell, gender roles become even further entrenched.  The little women stay home and the men go out and face danger. Instead of carrying clubs, the men carry guns and knives.
She who has taken to her bed (read:Beth) is finally awake. When Lori goes to Beth’s room to check on  her, Beth says, “You’re pregnant, how could you do that?” Lori answers that she doesn’t have a choice, and leaves the room. Great, and now we have she who has taken to her bed, believing that she has the right to question.  Is there a woman on this show who is not going to throw in her two cents about Lori’s pregnancy? Beth may well be worried about the state of the world, but the writers did not have to include this question. It’s policing, and just because they put these words into the mouth of a female character, doesn’t make it any more appropriate. 

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