It’s Friday and the Question is?

It’s been awhile since we have done one of these.  I chose this question because Sparky has committed a terrible faux pas and sided with the unhusband against me.  Just wait until the next time his husband gets under his skin and see if I come to his defense. Yes, power tools for everyone.

For the majority of the winter months, I am trapped in my home due to my fibromyalgia.  The cold weather causes my body to become just one big ache.  As soon as spring comes, other than being in the house to blog, I am out doing things.  Even if it’s just taking my scooter to Niagara-on-the-Lake to feel the sun on my skin, I simply don’t want to be in the house.  Part of this change involves getting my girl on.  I love makeup and I have a particular love for nail polish.  I currently keep my nail polish in a tool box, because I have so many and of course, I still want more.  I do my nails on a nightly basis.

The unhusband decided to complain about my massive collection. I was actually shocked, I mean what’s 20-30 bottles between friends?  I thought for certain that Sparky would side with me on this one, but nope, he agreed with the unhusband and suggested I only need 3-5 bottles.  What would I do with 3-5 bottles of nail polish?  This btw is the number he factored in to match with my clothing on any particular day.  Now, of course the unhusband feels empowered that he finally found someone to agree with him and is running around the house crowing in victory.


I say again, Men!

This is why I was forced to get a female dog.  I need more estrogen in my life.

So the question is, what is the one thing that you do in your grooming ritual that you could not be without.  While you`re at it, feel free to tell Sparky and the unhusband how wrong they are.

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